Students at VIA Campus Horsens

Obtain basic Danish skills and
an understanding of
Danish culture

Danish Language and Culture

Summer School

Explore the Danish language, culture and welfare society through this summer school at Sprogcenter Midt. Through intensive Danish classes, the programme offers you an opportunity to obtain basic oral and written skills as well as a fundamental understanding of Danish society and culture 

About the programme

  • Facts and information

    Subject: Danish Language and Culture

    Key Themes: Danish welfare and historical background, Living and working in Denmark, Danish values and democracy

    Duration: 3 weeks

    Dates: 27 July - 14 August 

    Language: English

    Credits: None

    Academic level: None

    Prerequisites: The course is aimed at students enrolled at an institution of higher education or admitted to an institution of higher education in Denmark. Students must have a minimum of English B2 level.

    Level of Danish classes: Beginners, A1 and A2. Documentation of participants’ Danish level is required. Beginners class only available with the required number of students.

    Maximum enrolment: No maximum enrolment.

    Application deadline: 1 April 2020.

    Location: Sprogcenter Midt, Emil Møllersgade 30, 8700 Horsens. 

  • Content

    In this course you will obtain basic Danish skilla and knowledge on Danish society and culture

    20 lessons per week, from 9:00am – 1:00pm, Monday - Friday. Danish classes will be organized around the three key themes:

    • Danish welfare and historical background
    • Living and working in Denmark
    • Danish values and democracy

    Cultural and social activities:
    Afternoons and evenings. Activities will provide participants with experience, knowledge and background understanding of the key themes.

    Teaching style in Danish classes:
    Identification of individual and collective goals, which will be reached through active participation in dialogues, group work, workshops as well as individual exercises. Feedback will be given after student presentation of an aspect of the key theme of the week.

    The course will introduce you to Danish language and culture and give you (basic) skills and knowledge to understand the Danish society and interact with Danish people.

    Your communicative skills will be enhanced while working with themes such as your personal presentation, exploring the lifestyle and routines of Danish people and working and studying in Denmark. Furthermore, aspects of historical, societal and cultural interest will be included as cases or background material, developing your understanding of Danish lifestyle and society.

    The programme includes excursions (organized in the afternoon, additional to the classes) to cultural, societal or historical sites, such as museums, City Hall, secondary schools, workplaces, etc. The excursions are mandatory and will provide hands-on knowledge and material for individual presentations or group work.

    Teaching style:
    The programme is based on active participation in dialogues, group work, workshops as well as individual exercises. Homework equivalent to 1-2 hours per day includes reading and writing and involves working with multimedia and exploring aspects of Danish lifestyle by conducting interviews with Danish people. Individual feedback is provided regularly during the programme, and the overall learning outcome will be evaluated/tested towards the end of the programme.

    Read more about Sprogcenter Midt here.


  • Tuition and fees

    Accommodation, meals, insurance, visa and travelling expenses are not included in the fee

    EU and non-EU citizens = 990 EUR

    Course fee includes

    Programme activities

    Accommodation, meals (food and drink), insurance, visa and travelling expenses to and from Denmark are not included in the fee.

    Students are responsible for finding their own accommodation.

    In the event that, for various reasons, you have to cancel your participation, you will be refunded if you cancel your participation no later than 1 June 2020.

    In case we do not have enough participants, you will receive a full refund on the paid fee.

  • Contact

    You are always welcome to contact Sprogcenter Midt for further information

    In case of questions please contact:

    Lisa Jo Enevoldsen