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Deep Dive into Entrepreneurship

Summer School

This course is all about your start-up - how to establish it, run it and manage it. You will get hands-on skills, you can use in any start-up or to start your own business. You will practice these skills in class by building a real start-up business based on your own idea. Research based knowledge on proven keys to success and what it takes for an individual or a group to succeed will be included as well

About the programme

  • Facts and information

    Subject:Deep Dive into Entrepreneurship

    Duration: 3 weeks (1 week online preparation and two weeks on-site in Denmark)

    Dates: 27 Juli – 14 August 2020 (27 July - 3 August = online preparation and 3 August - 14 August on-site in Denmark)

    Language: English - please note that VIA University College requires students attending VIA Summer School to be fluent in English. All summer schools requires active participation both orally and in writing. This means students must have an English level of at least B2 (CEFR scale) upon arrival. You can find more information about language requirements here.

    Credits: 5 ECTS

    Academic level: BA level

    Prerequisites: Students must have completed 1 year of study at bachelor level. Students must be at least 18 years old to apply.

    Maximum enrolment: Maximum 30 participants. If there are more eligible applicants than available places, they will be distributed according to first-come, first served basis. There is a limit on 5 students that can be accepted from the same study programme.

    Housing: VIA Summer School offers housing service. Read more here.

    Application deadline: 1 April 2020.

    Location: VIA University College, Campus Aarhus C, Ceresbyen 24, 8000 Aarhus C, Denmark

  • Content

    Gain the essential knowledge needed to either start your own business or join a start-up business. Get hands-on experience by building real start-up businesses

    The Deep Dive into Entrepreneurship course is all about your start-up, establishing it, running it, and managing it. This course uses the  ”lean business platform” and the theory behind the "Lean Start-up" concept to give students the essential knowledge needed to either start their own business or join a start-up. Students will get hands-on skills, they can use in any start-up or to start their own business. Every student will practice these skills in-class by building a real start-up business based on their own idea. The course will also cover traditional new venture development and the entrepreneurial process (problem identification, innovation, business plans, fund raising and launching). In addition, the essential knowledge derived from entrepreneurship research covering proven keys to success, as well as scientific research about what it takes as an individual and a group to succeed in entrepreneurship will be included. 

    Learning outcomes

    • Learn useful basics of problem identification, idea formation & brainstorming, idea validation, risk assessment, launching, pricing and crowdfunding. 
    • Gain the latest knowledge from scientific research about start-ups, including definition of entrepreneurship and more. 
    • Learn about team creation and team dynamics. 
    • Gain practical skills and experience starting a real business based on your own ideas.
    • Gain practical skills and experience in lean business platform. 
    • Presenting your startup to a panel of investors. 


    Teaching and exam

    The pedagogical approach of this summer school is an action-reflection theory, which means that we are always testing learning and theory through practical exercises. The teaching will be workshop based with a mix of short theoretical lectures, presentations of – and training in – tools, and reflection on the learning.  
    In addition, you will work with and get inspiration from other participants and you will get the opportunity to work on your own projects as well.

    Preliminary litterature:
    Alexander Osterwalder og Yves Pigneur, The Business Model Canvas
    Eric Ries, The Lean Startup
    VIA, Grow a Business, Triple Business Model Canvas 

    The exam consists of:
    1. Business Model Canvas and completed lean business platform portfolio.
     2. A 30 minute ”open for the campus” oral group presentation and discussion about the business idea. The groups consist of 3-4 persons.  

  • Tuition and fees

    Accommodation, meals, insurance, visa and travelling expenses are not included in the fee

    EU-citizens = 5150 DKK (app. 690 EUR)

    Non-EU citizens = 8900 DKK (app. 1190 EUR)


    Discount and tuition fee waivers

    Students from VIA, VIA's partner institutions abroad and other Danish institutions are eligible for tuition fee waivers for this course, if they can provide documentation for approval of credit transfer.

    Please contact VIA Summer School to learn more about other possibilities for discounts on this course.


    Course fee includes

    Classes and tuition
    Social programme including welcome and farewell events (we organise 2-3 events pr. week)
    Goodie bag with a map of Aarhus, a water bottle and a pen
    Personalised graduation certificate

    Accommodation, meals (food and drink), insurance, visa and travelling expenses to and from Denmark are not included in the fee.

    VIA Summer School offers housing service. Read more here.

    Note: This course is offered as a part of the regular bachelor programmes. Seats available after allocating seats to credit-transfer students from VIA University College, Danish Higher Educational Institutions and partner institutions are offered under the Empty-place Scheme and the rules of Danish Open University. You must meet the admission requirements for the degree programme under which the course is offered. If you have any doubt or questions regarding this please do not hesitate to contact VIA Summer School.

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