Vietnam Exchange

If you are a business student, you can apply for a study and internship period in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam for one semester. The programme is for purchasing management students in their 3rd semester.

HCMC is Vietnam’s second largest city with more than 4 million inhabitants. Along with Hanoi, it is the most modern city in Vietnam. We corporate with HUTECH University of Technology, which is located in the centre of HCMC. It is one of Vietnam’s best universities within technology and business. 

Your stay combines a study period at HUTECH and an internship period at a local company in Ho Chi Minh City. You will also gain special cultural and linguistic knowledge of Vietnam. 

The teaching centres on the following subjects for the 3rd semester programme: 

  • Leadership in Vietnam 
  • Human resources in Vietnam 
  • Joint Ventures in Vietnam 
  • Dealing with headquarters  
  • Counterfeiters in Vietnam 
  • Vietnamese consumers 
  • Vietnamese culture and language 
The internship and studies are free of charge, but you must pay for accommodation, travel expenses, vaccinations and visa and insurance.