How to apply for the programme Materials Science & Product Design

Information for non-Danish applicants

Most applicants must apply using our digital enrolment system.

You can apply for Bachelor of Engineering in Materials Science and Product Design at: (KOT) opens 1 February every year. Your application must be uploaded no later than 15 March at 12:00 noon.

NB: There is an another application process for non EU/EØS applicants. See below. 

Area Code Number: 49205

Area Code Name: BA in Materials Science and Product Design

Signature page

When you have submitted your digital application(s), you must use the special print icon to print a signature page, which contains a unique Application ID number. 

You must sign and e-mail this signature page for each of the programmes you apply for. 

NB: We cannot see, download or consider your application until this signature page has been received. 

Send the signature page for the application from to

If we do not recieve this page, we cannot acces your application in the system, and you application will be lost


In order to apply, you must upload the following documents at

Important dates

Deadline for application is 15 March at 12:00 noon.

Deadline for uploading/sending diplomas from summer examinations is 5 July at 12:00 noon.

Application process for non EU/EØS applicants 

Application deadline: No later than 15 March.

Visa application

A visa application may take up to three months to process. When you have paid the tuition fee, we will initiate the visa application process and you can continue with your visa application.

Deadline for payment of tuition fee is 15 May.

For further information about the visa application rules for non-EU citizens, please visit:

General rules of admissions

Before you apply to one of VIA's programmes, you must carefully read the general rules of admissions. If there is a mistake in your application, it is your own responsibility, and it can mean that your application will not be accepted. 

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  • Conditional acceptance to VIA's programmes

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