Videos made by students at the exchange programme

See examples of projects made by the students at Creative Learning and Animation


MitAssist is a free anonymous platform that is specifically targeting boys aged 13-19 years. Secondary young men up to 25 years.

Mitassist is first and formost a peer-to-peer platform where users can ask for help in relation to a specific problem or situation. The other users can then offer concrete solutions. 

The animation is used to spread the word about the new online counselling for boys, with the objective to attract more users and also increased activity on the site. 


In Cyberhus the users (age 9-23) can meet peers in a safe environment. Or receive counselling from adults with a variety of different professional backgrounds. Teachers, social workers, psychologists and medical doctors.

The animation is used as an element in the recruitment of new volunteers to the chatsite. They ask for persons aged over 23, who are trained or training to be a social worker, psychologist, pedagogue or teacher to the chatservice.


Foodmaker is a movement working to unite youth and the joy of cooking in Aarhus. A large amount of young people at the age between 16-28 expresses a wish to learn how to cook properly.

Foodmaker wishes to address this challenge by creating cooking communities and other events.

The challenge of the film was to create an attractive and exciting visual animation of how youth can engage as a volunteer in Food Maker using 4 different types of volunteers. Each defined by a different strength or interest.

The animation briefly explains how the four strengths are defined and how to sign up to become a Foodmaker.



Chance Final

The use of animation as a mean of communication and as a pedagogical tool is increasingly used in the field of education and social work. The project is about animated films made by international students in a joint venture with a class of young refugees. The project must consist of creative and theoretical perspectives on the use of animation and the films are the result of the refugees and the students collaborating and creating together.

Giraffe Movie

Cut-out animation is one of the oldest and simplest animation techniques and has many forms and variations. Essentially, cut-out animation involves producing animations using 2-D characters, props and scenes cut from materials, such as paper, card or fabric.

Animators divide characters into smaller segments, piece together the individual cut-out shapes and move them in small steps, taking a picture - with a filmcamera capable of taking single pictures - at each step, to create the illusion of movement

About the movies 

During the semester the students gain knowledge about and skills in animation production by making cooperative and creative processes with different pedagogical purposes. See examples of some of the former projects made by Creative learning and animation students. The examples will display a variety of technical approaches and designs.