Learning activities at Outdoor Play & Learning 

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The learning activities varies between lectures, group work, excursions, field studies and project work.

The programme alternates between the following four areas:

  • Theories and methodology of Danish social education in an outdoor context
  • Creative subjects, science and outdoor activities, methods and research.
  • Field work and field studies in social educational institutions in an outdoor context.
  • Cross-professional dilemmas and potentials in outdoor social education.

Three Modules

The programme consists of three parts:

Module 9, Module 10 and Module 11 in the Danish BA programme for Social Educators, respectively.

  • Module 9 – Nature and outdoor life – 10 ECTS
  • Module 10 – Cross-professional collaboration – 10 ECTS
  • Module 11 – Nature and outdoor life – 10 ECTS


Evaluation of the semester is graded as ‘Approved’ or ‘Not approved’, based on the student’s active participation and two-three compulsory assignments for each module. 

During the semester there will be two examinations: 

1. Cross-professional collaboration (DTE) (Module 10): Individual, written assignment

2. Nature and outdoor life in social pedagogy (VO) (Module 9 and Module 11):
Demonstration of pedagogical activity and oral exam in groups of 2-4 students. 

The exam consists of:
- A pedagogical activity which the students have implemented and documented
- An oral presentation and discussion based on the pedagogical activity

Both examinations are graded by use of a seven-point grading scale. 

Read about Course modules (pdf)