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Are you looking for an intensive course about shoulder rehabilitation and would you like to discuss it with students from other countries? Then sign up for this short term course on the assessment and practical management of shoulder pain.

About the programme Physiotherapy

  • Facts

    Title: Assessment and practical management of shoulder pain 
    (Physiotherapy, short term course)

    Duration: 3 week course 

    Dates: Weeks 9-11 and 38-40 

    Study Location: Aarhus, Denmark. Read more about Campus Aarhus N 

    Language: The course is taught in English

    Credits: 3 1/3 ECTS credits

    Academic level: Bachelor Level
  • Structure and content

    This course will focus on shoulder examination and rehabilitation by obtaining skills in assessing tissue abnormalities using ultrasound examination.
    Shoulder pain is multifactorial and associated with pain and disability. Patients with shoulder pain experience several physical impairments, which should be classified and treated individ-ually. Classifying patients into subcategories of impairments helps physiotherapists choose the optimal treatment strategy. 

    This course will focus on shoulder examination and rehabilitation by obtaining skills in as-sessing tissue abnormalities using ultrasound examination.

    During the course you will also gain insight into the profession of physiotherapy in Denmark.

    Theory and practical course focuses on:

    • Anatomical palpation of the shoulder region
    • Shoulder mobility and strength assessment
    • Shoulder tests and differential diagnostic tests
    • Ultrasound examination of the shoulder region
    • Manual examination and treatment based on the Maitland concept
    • Developing optimal assessment and treatment strategies based on individual cases 


    The course requires 80 percent attendance at lectures and other learning activities.
  • Enrolment

    We expect you to have already completed two years of study at your home university before you apply for our short term course.

    We expect international students applying for this course to have already completed at least their first two years of a B.Sc. (Physiotherapy). 

    In cooperation with your home university, we ensure that each course successfully completed by you at VIA University College is credited at your home university.

    Language requirements

    In order to join the course you must be able to speak and write English well. You must be able to understand spoken English when following courses and be able to write your homework and other assignments and reports in English.

  • How to apply

    You need to apply online.
    If you would like to apply for a short term course, please fill in an online application. 

    Application deadline:

    • For the autumn semester: 1 March
    • For the spring semester: 1 October
    Please contact our international coordinator if you can’t make the deadlines.

    International coordinator 

    Elisabeth Due Andersen

    When we have received your application we will:

    • Contact you to tell you if you have been accepted by our institution
    • Initiate signatures from your university/school on a learning agreement

    Before your arrival, you will receive information about where to go on the first day of your studies.

    Campus location and housing

    Campus Aarhus North at VIA University College is situated in Aarhus, the second largest city in Denmark. 

    Aarhus is a regional centre for education at all levels with a rich student environment. The city of Aarhus offers a variety of activities; sports of all kind and outdoor life as Aarhus is situ-ated on the waterfront and very close to recreational areas, forests, public parks and sports facilities. Aarhus also enjoys a rich nightlife and cultural sights.

    Read more about attractions, events and activities in Aarhus
  • Fees and tuition

    Students of our partner institutions do not pay tuition fees. 
    Students do not pay tuition fees if they come from institutions that have a Bilateral Agree-ment with VIA University College. 

    If you do not fulfil the above criteria, you can contact Health Sciences, VIA University College at  for further information.

  • Contact

    You are always welcome to contact us if you have any questions.

    VIA University College
    Faculty of Health Sciences
    Department of Physiotherapy
    Campus Aarhus N
    Hedeager 2
    8200 Aarhus N
    DK - Denmark


    International coordinator 

    Elisabeth Due Andersen

    Find us on Google Maps

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VIA Campus N

Student life on campus

The exchange programme is located on Campus Aarhus N. 

Dialogue and teaching

Teaching Style

In Denmark, teaching is based on interaction and dialogue between lectures and students.