Speech Pathology 

This programme provides you with advanced skills and knowledge and will prepare you for clinical expertise and the requirements necessary for undertaking a PhD. 


Type: Master's degree

Duration:  3 years (part-time) (90 ECTS)

Study language: 100% online courses

Language: English


VIA offers this online programme in cooperation with Australian Catholic University. 

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About the programme

  • Facts

    Title: Master of Speech Pathology

    Duration: 3 years (part time) (90 ECTS). VIA offers this programme in collaboration with Australian Catholic University.

    Study location: 100% online courses

    Language: English

    Programme summary: For more information visit Australian Catholic University’s webpage

    The programme is open to physiotherapists, occupational therapists and speech pathologists.

  • Structure and content

    The goal of the international Master’s Speech Pathology is to broaden and deepen your theoretical and practical knowledge.

    You will undertake advanced speech pathology practicums related to swallowing function, motor speech and voice, and communication participation through rehabilitation. 

    The programme concludes with a clinical research project related to aged or neurological disorders designed to impact patient care. 

    Discipline-specific workshops, workplace practicums and clinical research will foster advanced knowledge, skills, and applications for the optimal management of older adults, people ageing with a disability and those with neurological disorders/acquired brain injury (ABI). 

    You can tailor your studies
    The programme structure is flexible. You can choose from several pathway options, which gives you the opportunity to tailor your studies so you can achieve your career aspirations.

    Depending on your desired career direction, there are two pathways you can choose between:

    - Optimising motor, speech and voice function 
    - Advanced speech pathology practicum 3: optimising language function

    Combine your clinical experience with new theory 
    Each module offers you the opportunity to work theoretically on the basis of your personal, professional and clinical experiences. This is true regardless of whether you have worked with clinical specialties, management, education or development.

    The programme allows you to tailor your education from the point of view of your practice. Each student will find different modules that reflect their own practice.

    Please read more about the unit structure and content on Australian Catholic University’s website.

  • Enrolment

    To apply for this course, you must: 

    • Have a bachelor degree from an accredited three-year programme in a health discipline or equivalent.

    • Have a minimum of one year’s clinical experience in the appropriate discipline for entry to the graduate certificate; or a minimum of two years’ clinical experience in the appropriate discipline for entry to the graduate diploma or Master’s. 

    Credit for prior learning
    If you have completed previous studies, which you believe reduces the number of completed units required at Australian Catholic University, please indicate in the appropriate section in your application that you wish to be considered for credit for prior learning.

    You will need to provide a certified copy of your previous course details so your credit can be determined. If you are eligible, your offer letter will then contain information about your credit for prior learning. 

    Language requirements 
    VIA University College offers a Master’s in Rehabilitation in collaboration with Australian Catholic University.

    You may need to demonstrate your English language proficiency if:
    English is not your first language or you did not attend university in English and in an approved English-speaking country.

  • How to apply

    VIA University College offers a Master’s in Speech Pathology in collaboration with Australian Catholic University.

    We suggest that you contact us before you apply in order to receive guidance and become part of the virtual study environment for Danish and Nordic students.

    You can check the status of your application here

  • Fees and tuition

    Tuition fee:  $ 23,276 AUD (indicative as a guide only).

    This total has been calculated on the basis of a typical enrolment of a student undertaking the programme in 2018, and reflects the cost involved in undertaking a full-time quota of units within the specified discipline.

    The tuition fee may vary
    Please note that the actual fees charged to you by Australian Catholic University will depend on the discipline from which you choose your units, the choice of major specialisation and/or the number.

    Please note that the fees per unit/credit point may increase annually due to rises in the cost of programme delivery and service. Changes in the exchange rates from Danish kroner to Australian dollars may also affect the tuition cost.

  • Career guidance

    You can pursue professional opportunities as a:

    • Clinician
    • Case worker
    • Team Leader
    • Consultant
    • Researcher
  • Student counselling

    We suggest that you contact us before you apply in order to receive guidance and become part of the virtual study environment for Danish and Nordic students.

    Danish or Nordic students

    If you are a Danish/Nordic student please contact:

    Dean Karen Frederiksen
    P:+45 87552969
    E: KAFR@via.dk