Moocs - free online courses

Massive open online courses

VIA University College offers massive open online courses in different areas. MOOCs are online courses with no limit on attendance and with open acces via the internet. And it is all free. Read more about our MOOCs and sign up!

VIA University College is currently offering one free MOOC on dementia. 

A MOOC is an online course offered freely to an unlimited number of participants, with no required prerequisites.

It is a means of delivering learning content online to any person who wants to take a course, and it is an opportunity for you as participants and us as professors to reach each other in spite of long distances.

Sharing knowledge

The MOOC courses enable VIA University College to share our knowledge and expertise globally.

The MOOCs consist of different interactive activities such as reading texts, watching instructors’ videos, participating in discussions, discussing case work, and answering quizzes.

Who can participate?

Anybody can attend the courses, and no level of education is required. However, each MOOC has different aims and target groups.

Everything is in English, so basic oral and written English competences will be necessary. All participation is free. 


Lars Peter Bech Kjeldsen
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