Apply for an available study place at VIA

Below you will find the list of educational programmes with available study places. You apply by clicking on the link below the list. 

Please note that some of the available study places are for standby places only, which is a waiting list for a study place.

You can read more about standby places here

You can read more about the educational programmes and admission requirements by clicking on the individual programmes in the list below.

At the bottom of this page you can find help regarding the application process and a list of whom to contact if you have any questions.

Start your application by clicking on the link below

See available study places - the list is updated regularly

NOTE! The list includes both Danish and international programmes.

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Get help with the application process

  • How do I apply for an available study place?

    You apply for available study places via the link above. The application process is digital. Please remember to have all relevant documents available.

    It is important that you have decided which programme you wish to apply for and ensured that you meet the admission requirements for this programme.

    You can read more about the programmes, including admission requirements, on the programmes’ websites. Links for each programme are listed in the overview above. 

    Available study places are awarded on a “first come first served” basis, from among those applicants who meet the programmes’ admission requirements and who have applied for the programme as their 1st choice.

    If you have two first choice programmes, we will only look at your 2nd choice if we cannot offer you a study place on your 1st choice.

  • How do I prepare my application?

    Remember to have all relevant documents available on your computer in PDF format. 
    It is important that you have all the relevant documents ready before you start the application process, e.g., documentation for admission requirements, former education, etc.
  • When will I get an answer?

    We process the applications as we receive them, so you will receive an answer as soon as possible.

    The time frame for handling applications is individual and depends on the application.

    When we start processing your application you will receive an email welcoming you to VIA’s application portal.

    On the Admission Portal you will receive notifications from VIA and you must contact VIA this way with any questions or comments regarding your application. 

  • When does my programme start?

    VIA’s programmes start in either August/September and/or in February. 

    If you are awarded an available study place, your studies will start in one of these months.

    You cannot expect to have studies beginning in the periods October to January or March to July.

    Remember it is your own responsibility to apply for SU (Danish education support, student grant), once you have been admitted.

  • Who can I ask for help?

    See who you can contact if you have questions or need help with your application.

    Questions regarding a particular educational programme?

    If you have any questions regarding our available study places don't hesitate to contact us.

    Engineering and business programmes

    Marlene Sand
    +45 87 55 43 20

    Design programmes

    Technical support?

    If you need technical support in relation to your application, please write to They can be reached every weekday from 7.30-15.30

    Questions after you have submitted your application?

    If you have already submitted an application and need to contact VIA, you must do so using VIA’s admission portal on