Executive Programme in Tax and Digital Transformation

The Executive Programme in Tax and Digital Transformation will enable you to drive strategic change of your country’s taxation system through the deployment of innovative and fit-for-purpose digital solutions.


Master Class


12  months - 5 streams



Study start

14 September 2021

About the Executive Programme in Tax and Digital Transformation

  • After completing the Executive Programme in Tax and Digital Transformation, you will be able to drive strategic change of your country's taxation system through the deployment of innovative and fit-for-purpose digital solutions by:

    • Learning from experienced executives where and how to begin the change process
    • Recognising key success factors of transformation processes in other countries
    • Developing proven solutions that solve business needs
    • Building political support internally and externally for digital reforms
    • Evidencing return on investment
    • Accessing international experts and other resources
    • Receiving upon successful completion an Executive Programme in Tax and Digital Trnasformation certificate 

    The Executive Programme is provided by managers, technical experts, and thought leaders from a range of institutions, including world class technology and consulting firms, universities, think tanks, governments, and international financial institutions. 

    The Programme reflects the insights from digital transformation in developing countries, emerging markets, and advanced economies across all continents - and is offered as a fast-paced virtual executive programme that can be taken alongside existing work duties.

  • The Programme is aimed at governments committed to advancing digital transformation of their taxation system. Participants are nominated by governments – individual applications are not accepted. Participants are proven individuals who are central to the strategic and managerial transformation of the taxation system. Members of oversight boards, heads of business units in tax administrations, and senior policy advisors in Ministries of Finance are all ideal candidates involved in transformation.

    Participants should have a solid understanding of the national revenue strategy, key business processes in the administration of taxes, and the working of HR, procurement, IT, and other support functions as well as a broad view on digital transformation as it impacts, people, process, technology, data and law.

    Participants are expected to undertake significant course work during the Programme but will be able to maintain their current position. Course will be conducted in English. A core element of the Programme is case based training that enables participants to understand and evaluate options at critical decision points in the digital transformation process.

  • Learning approach

    The Programme is delivered over the course of 12 months, one module of 2-3 hours per week with breaks after each stream, through our global online learning platform. A core element of the programme is case-based training that enables participants to understand and evaluate options at critical decision points in the digital transformation process.

    The course balances webinars, case studies, lectures from decision makers and experts, interactions with digital solutions providers, and group work. The national context is incorporated throughout the programme as participants undertake self-evaluation of the digital maturity level in their national revenue administration in discussion with peers and faculty.

    The programme is based on Problem Based Learning (PBL) and is a participant centred pedagogy in which participants learn about a subject through the experience of solving an open ended problem found in trigger material.

    A comprehensive framework for transformational leadership

    The Programme builds a firm foundation for leading organisational change and harnessing the opportunities unleashed by digital transformation. You will explore how innovative, established firms and startups are redefining industries and reinventing themselves to succeed in the digital era. At the end of the Programme, you will understand the range of technology solutions in today’s marketplace as well as how to manage external stakeholders and the internal change management process.

    Modular format

    The Programme is structures around five integrated streams presented over 12 months through comprehensive distance-learning lectures: 

    • Stream I Data Architecture
      • Data Architecture
      • Organisation
      • Data
      • Strategy and assessment
    • Stream II Digital Solutions
      • Practical applications and tools
      • Practical applications
      • Managing IT projects
      • ICT strategy
    • Stream III Business Process Reengineering
      • Registration, lodgment, reporting, and payment
      • Support functions
      • Arrears collection, audit, and investigation
    • Stream IV Digital Transformation Strategy
      • Digital Transformation Strategies
      • Digital Maturity Assessment
    • Stream V Change Management
      • People and organisation
      • Management and planning
      • Project management

    Download full course overview

    Download FAQ on the course

  • Place

    Lectures are conducted via the online video conference platform Zoom. We recommend downloading and installing the newest version of Zoom - download it here.

    Study start

    Launch event: 14 September 2021, 7:00 pm (Manilla time – GMT+8) - Join the launch event here!

    Classes generally take place from 6:00 pm - 9:00 pm (Manilla time – GMT+8)

    Access each module here!


    The Executive Programme in Tax and Digital Transformation has been developed in collaboration with the Prosperity Collaborative, which is a multi stakeholder platform involving the private sector, civil society, government, and international institutions.

    Coordinating Committee

    The Coordinatig Committee is responsible for course content and management. It includes the following organisations and individuals:

    Course Management

    VIA University College is responsible for course management. Located in Denmark, VIA is the premier university for training tax officials in Denmark and with extensive international relationships to other governments and research institutions.

    VIA University College
    Hedeager 2
    DK-8200 Aarhus N
    E: via@via.dk
    T: +45 87 55 00 00

    More about VIA here

  • Register for Executive Programme in Tax and Digital Transformation here!

    NB! The admission is handled by The Asian Development Bank and The World Bank. It is not possible to sign up for this course without admission acceptance by the two institutions.

  • Morten Dahl Bøhm

    Associate Dean
    Tax Administration education
    VIA University College

    E: modb@via.dk
    T: +4587553346


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