Meet Matias Contreras from Chile

Matias went to the Android Development Summer School

Meet Matias

Who are you?

I am Matias from Chile. I am 28 years old. Originally, I studied Psychology in Chile and now I have moved to Canada to study English and Computer Programming at Georgian College in Ontario.

Why Summer School in Denmark?

My friend Mike and I were awarded a scholarship to study abroad and VIA was one of our College’s partners. In addition, VIA offered several interesting courses related to IT. We were the first generation of students from Georgian College to study at VIA, but for sure not the last ones.

What was your best experience at Summer School?

The experience was totally amazing! Beautiful landscapes, good beer and nightlife, friendly people and different kinds of food. The VIA counsellors, Anne Sophie and Kristian, were great and always ready to help. At the same time, our teacher was very skilled, close to the students and committed.

At VIA, I met people from Germany, Spain, France, US, among others, and the vibes inside and outside of class were incredibly good. I hope I can come back in the future!


My advice

This is an experience that I would recommend to anyone and I encourage people to keep moving and trying new things. It might seem challenging and be a step out of your comfort zone, but the rewards are priceless. 

My biggest challenge

In the beginning, I was not confident about language. My native language is Spanish and I started my learning English in Canada when I moved there in 2017. I realized that almost everyone in Denmark had great English skills, so finally, I felt comfortable and confident to get involved and discover the place.


Plans for the future?

The last couple of years, I have had the opportunity to discover new countries and cultures and it has become an essential part of my life. I hope I can keep travelling, meeting people and discovering new places.


The experience was totally amazing!