Research Centre for Built Environment, Energy, Water and Climate 

The Research Centre for Built Environment, Energy, Water and Climate helps to develop, produce, and disseminate new knowledge that contributes to new technological solutions within future construction and resource consumption.

Within built environment, energy, water and climate there is strong focus on how to manage our resources.



It may be by limiting the use of scarce resources, such as energy and clean water. It may be by developing new resources, such as renewable energy sources, to supplement or replace the scarce.

It may be other ways of handling resources, as when buildings are constructed or renovated, waste-heat is stored and reused, water is cleaned and reused for specific purposes. 

It may also be through the use of embedded systems and the 'internet of things' to optimise our use of future resources.


The centre's research areas include:

  • intelligent and sustainable construction
  • earth, water, and energy


Contact the centre

Theis Raaschou Andersen

Director of research

T: +45 87 55 42 95

Trine Fogh

Management Partner

T: +45 87 55 41 20