"Good old days" makes for good conversation

Research shows that memories is a good tool in caring for dementia patients.

PhD-student Anders Møller Jensen studies work methods in caring for people with dementia. 

He looks at memories, also called reminiscence, as a method. 

”As short-term memory fades, memories of childhood and youth are startling intact. Even deeply into the process of dementia, people can recall their early lives,” says Anders Møller Jensen. 

Nursing personnel often know that 'old times' are a good conversational topic. The method is used actively in contact with people with dementia and has researchers interest in Denmark and internationally.

Network in reminiscence research

In 2014, VIA University College and the University of Southern Denmark put together a network for professionals working with reminiscence. The network also includes researchers from the universities of Aarhus and Aalborg. 

”The goal of this research network is to strengthen Danish research in reminiscence,” says Anders Møller Jensen.

Films about old times

VIA Ageing & Dementia has participated in several major initiatives. Most recently, the centre has been a partner in the project 'Life in memories'. The project involved developing several films for people with dementia. 

The films, in which actors recreated situations from old times, had a positive and calming effect on people with dementia. The film was distributed by the Danish government to all nursing homes in Denmark. 

Anders Møller Jensens PhD-project 'When people with dementia are admitted to hospital' is carried out in co-operation with the University of Southern Denmark.


Anders Møller Jensen, PhD-student
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