Research Programme for Society and Diversity

The Research Programme for Society and Diversity examines and rethinks professional welfare prevention of exclusion, discrimination and inequality.

How we work

We ask critical-constructive questions about welfare professional practices in collaboration with professional practitioners and other stakeholders.

Our critiques pertain to colonial legacies in contemporary welfare work of doing good in glocal relations of power as well a queering hegemonies such as patriarchy, whiteness and hetenormativity. We also engage in the constructive development of decolonial, norm-critical/creative, and social justice-oriented welfare professional reflexivity, discretion, and intervention. 

Research areas

Our selected research areas include:

  • Norm criticism and norm creativity in educational practice
  • Racism in the welfare work and intervention
  • Prevention of radicalisation and extremism
  • Integration and temporary residence permits
  • The homed regulation of migrant lives
  • Multicultural schools
  • Diversity management

Project: Norm-Critical and Norm-Creative Evaluation Practices in Day-care

About the project

The project investigates how pedagogical efforts in regard to diversity, equality, and social justice can be promoted and mainstreamed through the development of locally adapted organisational cultures of systematic evaluation and assessment in Danish day-care institutions.

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Stine Del Pin Hamilton.


Stine Del Pin Hamilton
T:+45 87 55 38 17

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Project: Making it Home

Picture of globe and smartphone.

About the project

The MaHoMe project directly addresses migration and integration challenges by examining how migrants make sense of home through policy- and art analysis as well as smartphone-based workshops for migrants.

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Project manager

Marta Padovan-Özdemir
Head of Research Programme

T: +45 87 55 36 92

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The Challenges of Temporality

About the project

A study of the effects of a paradigm shift in asylum legislation in relation to integration processes among newly arrived refugees in Denmark.

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Portrait of Stinne Østergaard Poulsen.

Project manager

Stinne Østergaard Poulsen
Assistant Professor
T: +45 87 55 33 54

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Marta Padovan-Özdemir