Research programme for professional education

We research and contribute to the development of research-informed approaches to professional education and professional learning and collaboration.

How we work

Professional education is a field with many actor groups. Our work is dialogue-oriented in collaboration with educational programmes and professions, and we critique constructively as well as analytically. The research employs different designs and methods, with an emphasis on qualitative approaches.

Research areas

  • Teaching and learning methods in professional educational programmes
  • Knowledge production and turnover in professional educational programmes and practice
  • Interplay between research, development, innovation and education
  • Implementation and transition in connection with change processes
  • Youth education, vocational training and developing teachers’ skills 

Our research projects

The programme’s researchers contribute to professionally-oriented and practice-relevant research in a large number of projects, in close collaboration with teachers and students, and it prioritises the practice of the profession. The same goes for disseminating directly to educational programmes.

Birgitte Lund Nielsen
Jens Hansen Lund
Henriette Duch