Research programme for science and maths education

We research science and maths education and develop knowledge for the benefit of teacher education, early childhood and preschool education and the professions associated therein.

How we work

We develop skills in students, teachers and educators for planning, developing and evaluating teaching on a research-based foundation. We do this by developing didactics, teaching aids and strategies.

Research areas

Our research includes:

  • Ways of working with problem: IBSE, Engineering, research skills
  • Digital teaching aids: AR/VR, simulations, modelling
  • Science and maths learning processes in children and adolescents
  • Students with special needs (talents and maths difficulties)
  • Professional development and teaching professionalism of teachers and educators
  • Teaching the UN’s Sustainability Goals

Our research projects

We develop and research in practice by creating didactic laboratories, where we examine what happens when new initiatives or learning activities are trialled. Our projects are often characterised by close practice collaboration with schools and daycare institutions, a deep grounding in teacher training and education and early childhood learning and preschool teaching as well as interprofessional collaboration.


  • Lóa Björk Jóelsdóttir

  • Programme coordinator Maths
  • E: