Research Centre for Pedagogy and Education

The Research Centre for Pedagogy and Education contributes to the development of knowledge about social education, citizenship, didactics, culture, social work, and counselling.

The Centre helps increase the understanding and qualification of the current challenges facing the programmes and professions of applied sciences.

The Centre develops knowledge that qualifies the work carried out in the professions of applied sciences, by helping to develop professional identity, awareness and handling of challenges facing professional practice.

Our focus is on lifelong learning, and the qualification of the citizenship of children and young people, as well as their learning and wellbeing in institutions, schools, leisure time, and homes.

The Centre's research areas include:

  • wellbeing of children, citizenship, and ethics
  • physical education, movement, and outdoor pedagogy
  • learning and digital technologies
  • language, mathematics, and science education. 

Contact the centre

Andreas Rasch-Christensen

Director of research

T: +45 87 55 17 12

Anne Trine Vandborg

Management Partner