Research Centre for Management, Organisation, and Social Sciences

What happens to people when we form social relationships, when we collaborate at work, or change our management-style?  These are among the questions the Research Centre for Management, Organisation, and Social Sciences tries to find answers to.

The Centre, which houses VIA's research within the social sciences and social professions, also studies how social relationships, interaction, and actions develop and change societies, people, and how we work.

This means that the Centre focuses on management and organisation, social and social educational work, as well as the interaction between managers, professionals, and citizens. 

We are also interested in developing theories and concepts, as well as carrying out empirical studies, accompanying research, and development projects.

We cooperate closely with the professions, as well as with VIA's educational programmes and other research centres.

The Centre's research areas include:

  • management and organisational development
  • organisation, coordination, and citizen involvement
  • professional life and vulnerability in social work
  • society and diversity


Contact the centre

Sanne Haase

Director of research

T: +45 85 55 17 26

Rikke Skovbjerg Kristensen

Management Partner

T: +45 87 55 19 38