Basic Utility Design





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Supply Engineering




General admission requirements.

Main purpose

Humans are dependent on clean drinking water, clean energy and removal of contaminants from wastewater. This course gives a basic introduction to the resources the demand calculations and main processes in drinking water, wastewater and heating utility companies.


Upon completion of the course, the students have gained knowledge of:
• Components of drinking water and wastewater
• Quality requirements for drinking water and wastewater discharge
• Basic processes involved in drinking water and wastewater treatment


Upon completion of the course, the studenst will be able to:
• Make basic analyses for drinking water and wastewater quality
• Simple dimensioning of drinking water treatment
• Calculation of drinking water consumption and wastewater produced
• Present results for drinking water and wastewater quality


Upon completion of the course, the student will be able to apply knowledge and skills to:
• At a basic level suggest a process design for drinking water and wastewater
• Analyse demand and/or flows for a given area
• Relate the demands for the quality to the existing legislations
• Perform simple laboratory analyses
• Describe the main components of each system


Teaching methods and study activities

The teaching style is based on the theories of Problem Based Learning (PBL) and the activities are a mixture of Lectures, collection of data and its analysis, report writing, assignments solved with assistance of lecturer discussions in groups assisted by the lecturer, presentations, self-study, homework assignments.

137.5 hours of work for the student.


• Von Sperling M.; 2007; Wastewater Characteristics, Treatment and Disposal
• Henze M., Harremoes P., la Cour Jansen J., Arvin E.; 1997; Wastewater Treatment Biological and Chemical Processes
• de Moel P. J., Verberk J. Q. J. C., van Dijk J. C.; 2006; Drinking Water Principles and Practices
• Collection of latest articles and related material will be provided as required.



Exam prerequisites:

Type of exam:
Ongoing assessment of three written assignments, handed in according to deadline and a final exam in the form of a written assignment, each weighing 25%.
Internal assessment.

Tools allowed:

Individual oral exam, 20 minutes, with internal assessment.​

Grading criteria

Grading based on the Danish 7 point scale.

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Agnieszka Behrend

Valid from

8/1/2023 12:00:00 AM

Course type

Compulsory for Supply Engineering
1. semester


Distribution system, drinking water treatment, sewer systems, wastewater treatment, energy sources, drinking water consumption, wastewater production, quality limits.