Engineering Geology and Geotechnical Engineering





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Civil Engineering




Main purpose

​The student must obtain a basic knowledge of engineering geology and geotechnics, strength in soil and deformation of soil


After the course the student must have knowledge about: 
- The different types of geological maps and borehole information in digital form and how this information is used to assess the expected soil layers in a certain area
- The most common soil types and their geotechnical properties
- How the soils strength and deformation parameters are determined
- Theories and methods to determine settlements and the time progress of settlements
- Initial- and creep settlements
- Excavations, soil works, trenches for pipes and re-use of soil


After the course the student must be able to:
- Recognize and describe the most common Danish soil types
- Use databases and collect geological information for a specific area and draw a geological profile
- Calculate total, neutral and effective stresses
- Define and determine soils strength and deformation properties
- Describe connections between geological conditions and conditions for excavations
- Calculate consolidation settlements


​Assess expected soil layers and groundwater conditions for a specific location and determine their consequences for the project (whether it is a building, road, district heating etc.)


Teaching methods and study activities

​4 lessons per week for 12 weeks. The student's workload corresponds to 137,5 hours total. As study activities there will be reading material, class- and home assignments, group work, oral presentations.


Translation of Ingeniørgeologi i Danmark by Inga Sørensen

Translation of Lærebog i Geoteknik, 1. udgave, 1. oplag, 2007, Polyteknisk Forlag by Niels Krebs Ovesen, Leif Fuglsang, Gunnar Bagge and others

Eurocode 7, part 1 and the national annex

Supplementary literature:
Erik Steen Pedersen: Fundering af mindre bygninger, SBI anvisning 231, 2011) (Danish literature, available online)

Jesper Bjerre, Natascha S. Hansen, Ditte Høybye og Camilla Milling.: Find formlen - Geoteknik, 1. udgave, 1. oplag, 2014, Polyteknisk Forlag

Willy Olsen et. al., Anlægsteknik 1, 3. udgave, 3. oplag, 2018, Polyteknisk Forlag 

Uploads of supplementary materials to StudyNet throughout the semester



Prerequisites for exam:
The 4 assignments mentioned below must be duly handed in.

Exam type:
Ongoing assessment of 3 written individual/ group assignments, weighing 25% and a final exam consisting of a written individual course assignment, weighing 25%.
Internal assessment

Tools allowed:

Individual oral exam, 20 minutes
Internal assessment
Topic found by draw

Grading criteria

​Grading based on the Danish 7-point scale.

Additional information


Lotte Lassen

Valid from

2/1/2022 12:00:00 AM

Course type


​Engineering geology, geotechnical properties of soil, strength- and deformation parameters, calculation of deformations, webGIS, excavation for trenches