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ICT Engineering




To start an internship the student must have passed all courses, projects and workshops of the previous semesters (min. 110 ECTS).
An application for an exemption must be submitted in writing to the study counsellor of the programme.

Main purpose

The internship aims to give students an introduction to work as an engineer.


The student must:
• gain knowledge of theory, methodology and practice within a profession or one or more fields of study
• be able to understand and reflect on theories, methodology and practice
• be aware of non-technical – societal, health and safety, environmental, economic and industrial – implications of engineering practice.


The student must:
• be able to apply the methodologies and tools of one or more fields of study and to apply skills related to work within the field/fields of study or profession
• be able to assess theoretical and practical problems and to substantiate and select relevant solutions
• be able to communicate professional issues.


The student must:
• be able to handle complex and development oriented situations in study or work contexts
• be able to independently participate in professional and interdisciplinary collaboration with a profes-sional approach
• be able to identify own learning needs and to organise own learning in different learning environments
• promote an engineering-oriented approach during the remaining semesters on the Bachelor pro-gramme
• develop personal skills required for the professional career as engineer
• form the basis for developing personal/professional network



Teaching methods and study activities

The internship is completed over one semester and consists of minimum 20 weeks of full-time work corresponding to approx. 740 hours of work.

Furthermore documentation, participation in workshop for coming interns etc. account for approx. 85 hours of work. 

Study Activity Model

CATEGORY 1 - Participation of lecturer and students, initiated by the lecturer 5 hours/0,5%

  • Information meetings
  • Individual counselling

CATEGORY 2 - Participation of students, initiated by the lecturer: 75 hours/9%

  • Preparation of cover letter and CV
  • Internship search
  • Registration in the Internship portal
  • Documentation during internship
  • Participation in "Internship dating" 

CATEGORY 3 - Participation of students, initiated by students: 740 hours/90%

  • Internship 

CATEGORY 4 - Participation of lecturer and students, initiated by students: 5 hours/0,5%

  • Individual counselling






In order to get an internship evaluated, the student must fulfill the following requirements concerning mandatory assignments:
• Expected outcome/specific learnings targets for the internship position
• Company presentation
• Logbook
• Main academic assignment(s)
• Final reflections
• Participation in workshop for coming interns

Grading criteria

The course is evaluated by Approved/Not approved.

Additional information

Deadline for signing of an Internship agreement:
Spring internship: 15th of December
Autumn internship: 1st of July


Anne Holmen Mouritsen

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2/1/2021 12:00:00 AM

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