Global Marketing Management





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Global Business Engineering




MAM1 or equivalent course in marketing management.

Main purpose

The course will provide students with a solid understanding of marketing products and services on export markets in a global context.
The overall purpose of this course is therefore to enable students to device a global marketing strategy and write an international marketing plan for any product or service in any export market.


  • The difference between  global, glocal and local international marketing strategies
  • A broad knowledge of the global market place
  • Identify the steps in the international marketing process and the complexities of the international marketing environment
  • Gain an understanding of the current state of global marketing, the forces driving globalization and the resulting challenges for both existing international companies and for domestic companies planning to start an internationalization process
  • Appreciate and understand the specific problems associated with international marketing and the internationalization process
  • Have a clear understanding of all aspects of international marketing strategy development and the international marketing planning process
  • Understand the differences in social/cultural conventions that affect buyer behaviour and marketing strategies in international markets
  • Internationalization strategies for both small and large companies
  • Conduct effective search, screening and selection of new countries to enter
  • The complete range of market entry methods and their advantages and disadvantages
  • International marketing mix strategies


At the end of this course, and having completed the essential reading and activities, the students should be able to

  • Build a market profile of a country by conducting a PEST and market analysis (Macro & Micro)
  • Critically evaluate a company’s international marketing environment and its current strategy
  • Access the opportunities and risks associated with initiating an international market strategy or expand an already international presence to new countries for both small and large companies
  • Provide input to international market strategy development
  • Decide which markets to enter and evaluate the pros and cons of different entry modes
  • Design an international marketing mix including the ability to determine which parts of the marketing mix will require adaptation and to which degree



After a successful completion of the course the student will be able to:

  • Identify global market opportunities, in particular in developing and emerging markets, and assess the associated risks
  • Conduct a detailed country analysis including both macro and micro market factors
  • Quickly and effectively research market opportunities and to apply relevant country selection screening and segmentation criteria
  • Develop a global marketing strategy and write an international marketing plan that is aligned with the objectives and competencies of the company
  • Analyze and determine the most appropriate method of market entry
  • Spot important international trends on a continuous basis


  • Apply core theories and models within global marketing management to practical export oriented marketing problems while acknowledging their use and limitations
  • Identify and asses global market opportunities
  • Make a structured situational analysis of a company and its surroundings
  • From the analysis be able to identify relevant issues, opportunities and threats in order to develop a well-founded and cohesive marketing strategy
  • Make considered and well-founded suggestions for specific marketing activities to execute the strategy

Teaching methods and study activities

Duration: 1 semester - 137,5 hours of student work load.
Activities during the course: dialog based teaching, class discussions, group work, cases, presentations, individual and group home assignments.
Compulsory class assignment
Details of the assignments will be uploaded to It’s Learning in due time. The project deals with writing a global marketing plan and presenting it in class.
The assignments will be done in teams of 4-5 students.
There will be two compulsory presentations. The first deals with analyzing a new export market for a product chosen by each group. The second part deals with developing a global marketing strategy together with its associated marketing mix.
Participation of lecturer and students
Initiated by the lecturer
48 hours-  35%
  • Lessons, scheduled
  • Project guidance
  • Supervise group work
  • Exams and tests
Participation of students
Initiated by the lecturer
48 hours - 35%
  • Assignments, self-study
  • Project and group work
  • Homework and preparation for exams
  • Class presentations of assignments
Participation of students
Initiated by students
39,5 hours - 29 %
  • Homework and preparation for exams
  • Self-study
  • Project work
  • Study groups
  • Literature search
Participation of lecturer and students 
initiated by students
2 hours 1%
  • Debate meetings
  • Study guidance


Svend Hollensen: “Global Marketing”, Pearson, latest edition


Permit criteria for attending examination:
  • Mandatory course activities completed



Written examination

Duration: 4 hours

External examiner

Allowed tools: Course literature, personal notes, laptop but not internet, calculator.

Please note that re-examinations may take a different form than the ordinary exams.

Grading criteria

Written exam accounts for 100 % of final grade.

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