Hydraulic 2





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Supply Engineering




Basic knowledge on the Water Cycle, hydraulics in pipes and channels and operation and efficiency of pumps.

Main purpose

To provide the students an understanding on control and regulation of pumps, valves and gates in large hydraulic systems. Avoid floodings caused by climate based floodings.

Provide the students with knowledge on how to calculate pollutions from sewer systems.

Introduce the students in modelling and control of pressurized pipe network in order to reduce leaks and energy consumption.


Construction of model of pipe network, which integrates fjord, stream and city. Address and controle climate-based water level rises by introducing pumps and flood gates.

Construction of a model of pipelines in a pressurized system. Energy savings through pressure zones, use of elevatedstorage tanks and pumping strategy.


​To be able to build Mike Urban models with boundary conditions and control of flood gates and pumping stations. Understanding of the connection between water level in recipients and controle and regulation strategy.

To be able to build and calibrate EPA network models. Understanding the connection between operating strategy and energy consumption.


​Use Mike Urban to analyze correlations between urban drainage, flow in watercourses, and water level variations in coastal recipients.
Carry out long-term simulations with LTS-module.
Analyze existing systems and make suggestions for the implementation of gates and pumps - and set up a management strategy.

Use EPA net to analyze pipe networks and on that basis make proposals for division into pressure zones, as well as restructuring in order to facilitate monitoring and leak detection. Make suggestions for operational optimization based on analyzes of existing systems.


Teaching methods and study activities

​Lectures in class and individual exercises, completed with a mandatory larger group assignment.
Optionally a company visit (Kamstrup)
City walk in Horsens: Center/Bygholm Å/Horsens Fjord


Mike Urban software and manuals, Existing Mike Urban models

EPA-net software and manual, web tools for pump sizing, pipe network information from waterworks



Exam prerequisites:

Type of exam:
Individually oral exam, 20 minutes, on the basis of two course assignments, handed in before deadline. 
Internal assessment

Tools allowed

Same as the ordinary exam

Grading criteria

​Grading according to the Danish 7-step-scale

Additional information


Jan H. Sørensen and Henrik Bjørn

Valid from

8/1/2023 12:00:00 AM

Course type

Compulsory for Supply Engineering
3. semester


Pressurized pipe network, MIKE Urban, EPA-net, control and regulation.