Machine Design and electrical drive techniques.





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Mechanical Engineering




Approved ME-SEP2

Main purpose

To develop the student’s ability to work systematically with problem and project based assignments. Devel-op competences in handling group work, discussions and analysis of relevant issues in a team. Apply course curriculums and gain new knowledge in areas of drive systems and dimensioning of technical machines. Make students able of running and control projects by use of sys-tematic tools.


Students are obligated to identify and gain additional knowledge of relevance for the project.
This will be in the areas of machine design and construction and relevant issues of Machine Directive.
Students shall show that they know about communication and process for steering a project.


Students are to select, implement and document relevant engineering methods throughout the project work.
This containing dimensioning in relation and with consideration to both static and dynamic loads and selection of machine elements and drive units.


After completion of the project, the student must be able to document  the project planning and structure of a group’s workflow and cooperation. Use elementary models and methods in connection with finding and selecting solutions. Choose and use relevant theories and methods from the semester and from earlier semesters, including circuit theory, dynamics, mechanical transmission and components, in preparation for designing and calculating larger machines. Evaluate conditions in respect to rules and regulative, such as the Machine Directive. Design and construction of the chosen solution must be documented with calculations and machine drawings, from sketches and up to finished print-out of CAD-drawings.



Teaching methods and study activities

The student shall find a 3. semester project, which have the technical theme, “Machine design and electrical driving techniques”.
The work is expected to be 275 hours per student. The project should be carried out by groups of preferably 5 students. The project will run parallel with other lessons in the 12 weeks of the semester. In the last 3 weeks, there will be opportunity to work full time on the project. The activities should be carried out as self-study, with the possibility to get guidance in 2 lessons per week from supervisor. Project report must be approximate 40 stanard pages + appendix. The process rapport should be max. 10 standard pages.
In the project period, the following introductions are given, where learnings subsequently through Category 2 is expected of the students:
- 2 lessons with Introduction to Machine Directive and CE-marking..
- 2 lessons with Introduction in project time management..

Study Activity Model
According to the Study Activity Model, the workload is divided as follows:

Category 1, Initiated by the lecturer with the participation of lecturer and students:  15 hours – 6%
Category 2: Initiated by lecturer with participation of students:  14 hours –  5 %
Category 3: Initiated by students with participation of students: 236 hours – 85%
Category 4: Initiated by students with the participation of lecturer and students:  10 hours – 4%


VIA Engineering Guidelines for doing Projects.



Requirements for attending examination
The project report and process report must be handed in before the deadline.

Type of examination:

Group presentation followed by an individual examination with the presence of the entire group. The individual assessment is based on the reports, the group presentation, the individual examination, and the individual student´s efforts during the process of the project
Duration: approx. 15 minutes + approx. 15minutes/students.
External censor
Allowed tools:
Laptop, reports, models
Students who failed a semester project in January or June must attend an information meeting on the last Friday in June.
At this meeting, the students will get information on specific deadlines as well as the process of re-exam.
They will form new groups, if possible in relation to the number of failed students at the individual semesters.
Based on the feedback, the students have received after the ordinary exam, they must prepare a new project, or the failed project must be improved.
Deadline for hand in of the project is mid-August (exact date will be informed at the meeting). There will be no guidance in the period up to hand in.
Oral assessment of the project takes place in September.

Grading criteria


Additional information

The project report and the process report must be handed in on time. The individual assessment is based on the report, the group presentation, the individual examination, and the individual’s efforts contributed in the project.


Bo Leander Gylling

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8/1/2019 12:00:00 AM

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3. semester