Semester Project: Single User System





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ICT Engineering




General admittance requirements.

Main purpose

The purpose is to develop and document a single user system as well as demonstrate an acquisition of process skills.


The student will use the knowledge acquired in SDJ1, SSE1 and RWD1.


The student will achieve the skills to:

  • Explain the Waterfall method as a software development process
  • Derive requirements
  • Apply use case modelling and draw activity diagrams
  • Draw a domain model
  • Construct class diagram(s)
  • Draw a sequence diagram of one essential method
  • Implement a software system using object-oriented programming
  • Integrate Java-generated files into a webpage using JavaScript
  • Perform testing in relation to the derived requirements
  • Document system development and process using VIA Software Engineering’s Project Guidelines and report templates
  • Describe how to use your system in a user guide
  • Plan and deliver a coherent oral presentation of the project
  • Discuss the importance of work style and behaviour, team roles and culture


The student will be able to:
  • Demonstrate the connection between the different stages in software development
  • Apply, discuss and reflect on team dynamics such as communication, decision-making and motivation



Teaching methods and study activities

Apart from weekly lessons in SDJ1, RWD1 and SSE1, theoretical input will be delivered by supervisors as indicated in Itslearning.
Students will work in SEP groups of 4.
Study Activity Model
Participation of lecturer and students
Initiated by the lecturer
14 hours -10%
  • Lessons
  • Project facilitation, meetings with supervisors
  • Exam
Participation of students
Initiated by the lecturer
28 hours -20 %
  • Hand ins
  • Project work
  • Homework
Participation of students
Initiated by students
70 hours - 50 %
  • Preparation for exam
  • Self-study
  • Project work
  • Literature search

Participation of lecturer and students
Initiated by students
28 hours -20 %

  • Supervisor meetings


Apart from resources provided in SDJ1, RWD1 and SSE1, reading material will be uploaded in Itslearning for SEP1.


Qualifying criteria for attending examination:
Group reports including the students’ names and student numbers handed in before the deadline.
The uploaded reports must comply with the hand in criteria as stated in the Support Document: Formalities Criteria for upload of SEP1.


​The basis of the examination is the project report which should be done as a group project. First the entire group presents the project (5 minutes per person). Then a group examination will follow in accordance with the guidelines . It must be stated in the report which parts and subjects each member is responsible for.​​

Students who failed a semester project in January or June must attend an information meeting on the last Friday in June.
At this meeting, the students will get information on specific deadlines as well as the process of re-exam.
They will form new groups, if possible in relation to the number of failed students at the individual semesters.
Based on the feedback, the students have received after the ordinary exam, they must prepare a new project, or the failed project must be improved.
Deadline for hand in of the project is mid-August (exact date will be informed at the meeting). There will be no guidance in the period up to hand in.
Oral assessment of the project takes place in September.

Grading criteria

100% of the grade is based on a total assessment of the written materials, oral presentation and individual performance at the examination.

Additional information


Steffen Vissing Andersen (SVA)

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8/15/2019 12:00:00 AM

Course type

Compulsory Course for all ICT Engineering
1. semester