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Civil Engineering




For exchange/transfer students:
General admission requirements.

Main purpose

To give the students a basic understanding on how the change in climate will have impact on dewatering of cities. Focus will be on sustainable methods.


The purpose of the course is to provide the students with knowledge on how to implement sustainable solutions to handle an increase of rain/raise of sea water in urban areas.


After the completion of the course the student must have knowledge about:
• Climate change, precipitation, sea water level.
• Methods to handle rain water locally.
• Reuse of rain water.
• Green roofs.
• Infiltration basins.
• Open channels
• Use of Scalgo


The student will be able to communicate with students, engineers and companies about sustainable drainage and outline proposals for projects involving new and sustainable methods of handling rainwater.


Implement SUDS (Sustainable Urban Drainage Systems) in urban areas.

Teaching methods and study activities

The workload for student is expected to be 138 hours. There will be 4 lessons per week in 14 weeks.
The teacher will go over the course topics in the classroom, combining theory with exercises and black-board teaching as well as PowerPoint presentations.
The student is expected to read the detailed literature and to solve compulsory assignments between lessons. 
Student Activity Model
According to the Study Activity Model, the workload is divided as follows:
• Category 1, Initiated by the lecturer with the participation of lecturer and students: 32 hours – 23%
• Category 2: Initiated by lecturer with participation of students: 79 hours – 57 %
• Category 3: Initiated by students with participation of students: 27 hours – 20 %
• Category 4: Initiated by students with the participation of lecturer and students: 0 hours – 0%


Information will be given on intern net (ItsLearning).




Type of examination:
Assessed on basis of the following criteria:
• Given assignments/reports, which must be handed in on time. 30% of the grade
• Major course exercise, which must be handed in on time. 70% of the grade.
Allowed tools:
Not applicable

Grading criteria

Grading based on the Danish 7-point scale.

Additional information

The increased run off from urban areas is becoming a great problem. This course will provide the Student with knowledge on sustainable solutions together with more traditional handling of rain water. As a major course exercise the student have to make a plan for implementing SUDS i an existing residential area. 


Jan H. Sørensen

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8/1/2019 12:00:00 AM

Course type

Civil Works


Climate change, rain water, green roofs, infiltration basins, open channels.