Meet Bishal Kafle

Bishal Kafle from Nepal is a bachelor's degree student of Mechanical Engineering at VIA University College. Gain insight in his experience here!

Meet Bishal from Nepal

Who are you?

I am Bishal from Nepal and I am currently pursuing a bachelor’s degree in Mechanical Engineering at VIA University College. The way mathematical calculation and extensive knowledge of physics ensures the developed product are safe and can perform the way they are intended to, fascinates me. It’s really a diverse subject which is derived from a need to design and manufacture products. And as a mechanical engineer our role is to take the product from idea to the outer world.

Why Denmark?

I believe creativity is the highest form of intelligence resulting in astounding designs and inventions. Starting from famous Sydney Opera House to small distinctive Lego bricks - they are both inventions of Danish minds. I am also very much motivated in being part of upcoming technological revolution. Therefore, i decided to acquire knowledge and exploit my strengths in this field, while staying in the forefront of technology exploration i.e. Denmark.

My advice

If you are coming to Denmark to study, be prepared for the fact that the Danes are a bit reserved towards strangers. They tend to be pretty good at English, but learning some Danish will help you tremendously in social gatherings. It is a great icebreaker to try to speak Danish – you can always switch to English later on.

Being independent and living in a new country gives you a different perspective on life. Bishal Kafle

What surprised you the most about studying in Denmark?

I was used to individual projects and assignments, so it was surprising to me that group work was a big part of the teaching at VIA. The focus is on problem-based learning, so we need to use our own methodology to come up with our own ideas. This means no more memorizing the facts and you can actually bring your textbook and notes with you during exams. Here, you are not expected to remember the facts, but have to actually apply what you have learnt.   

Plans for the future

My dream is to stay in Denmark after I finish my bachelor of Mechanical Engineering and work for the Lego Group.

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