IT support for VIA students

As a student at VIA University College you have access to a large number of IT services with your VIAlogin.

What is VIAlogin?

In connection with the start of your study you will get a VIA ID. Your VIA ID is autogenerated and consists of a number of digits. Your VIA ID also forms your VIAmail-address followed by 


  • VIA ID = 123456
  • VIAmail-address = 

Information on your VIA ID and on your password will typically be sent to you in a letter from the Study Administration before the start of your study. 

As a new student you must visit the site before you can get access to VIA's IT systems. You must read and agree to VIA's IT rules. This is also where you can upload a photo to your VIAcard, enter your mobile number and change your password. 

What is MyVia?

MyVia is the central place for all the information you may need when studying at VIA. Every programme has a portal front page and a class website where students may share information. In addition, you can also find information on VIA and on VIA's different campuses. Information on the IT services provided by VIA IT can also be found at MyVia. 

How do I log on to MyVia?

  • Write at the address bar in your internet browser 
  • Select login (in the top right corner)
  • User name: Your VIAmail-address 
  • Password: The study administration at your education will inform you of your password 

How do I find my programme?

When you have logged on to MyVia, you can find relevant information about your programme in the menu or by searching for it. 

How do I find my class?

When you have logged on to MyVia, you can your courses in the menu or by searching for it.  


If you need help, you can contact us at

Remember to inform us of your VIA ID and other relevant contact information.