Meet Constantin Gavriloae

Constantin Gavriloae from Romaina is a bachelor's degree student of Architectural Technology and Construction Management at VIA University College.

 Constantin Gavrioloae

From a young age, I dreamt about buildings and how fascinating it would be to create something that would be around for at least 50-100 years. Constantin Gavrioloae

How would you describe the city of Horsens?

Horsens is a good city to study in and the people from Horsens are very nice. They say “Hi” and smile at you even if they don’t know you. I also had the opportunity to meet some Danish families

Why did you choose VIA University College? 

I chose VIA University College in Horsens because my brother was studying here, and he told me how great the university and Horsens is. I think, it was a benefit that he was already here and knew what I needed to know about Horsens and the university.  

What is your every day life like? 

Here at VIA, I feel like I’m studying and gaining experience at the same time. Every day I meet new students from different countries and make new friends, as people are very friendly and open here. I meet many people and I have been working as a volunteer in the student council, café and bar. I also work as a photographer and right now I’m working as a mentor for first semester students.

What is the teaching style like?

  • I find the way of teaching at VIA amazing. You have an informal relationship with your teachers, and can consider them your friends.
  • Teachers provide me with a small amount of information, just enough to understand what I have to do and afterwards I have to do the research. By doing that, I have a better understanding of the subject, and if I have questions, they are more than happy to explain it to me again.
  • We work in teams on projects, and we have to make plans to keep it on the right track, and we have to collaborate even though we might have different opinions and different suggestions. 

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