I have my own company

Make your company grow

Do you have a company that you would like to develop and grow? You can get help from VIA Student Incubator.


Are you looking for funding opportunities for your company? VIA Student Incubator can help you find funding possibilities through our partners from Business Development Centre Central Denmark, innovation environments and experts in crowdfunding.


Many entrepreneurs face the same challenge when starting a company or working with innovation processes in existing organisations. Therefore, it can be beneficial for you to have a mentor, who can help you by giving good advice.

You can be matched with a suitable mentor under our mentorship programme. You can thereby, gain experience from more experienced entrepreneurs and managers in commerce and industry through dialogue.

Internal and external networks

The student incubators have internal and external networks. You can gain access to these for your own use and you can contribute to these networks.

Contact us, if you need help with developing your company.