I want to become an entrepreneur

We offer various opportunities for you to develop your innovation and entrepreneurship skills.

You can receive startup counselling both if you are working on developing a sustainable idea and if you already have an idea and you would like to turn it into reality.

Try out entrepreneurship by joining the Idea Agent course.

Idea Agent – five-week innovation course

Idea Agent is a course consisting of five workshops during which you will work on your own idea or project. You will gain awareness of your own personal qualifications and preferences and how you can apply these in order to launch your own project or company.

The Idea Agent course consists of five workshops:

Workshop 1: Entrepreneurship and who am I?

Workshop 2: My vision and what do I want?

Workshop 3: The business model and how do I do it?

Workshop 4: Presenting the business idea

Workshop 5: The pitch and what do I do now?

During the course, you will:

  • Take a personal profile test and learn more about your strengths in a professional context
  • Learn practical tools about entrepreneurship, business models, prototyping and networking
  • Get a chance to pitch your ideas
  • Meet entrepreneurs and like-minded students
  • Receive a participation diploma

If you would like to join Idea Agent, contact us and learn more about the course on your campus.