Multi User VR Exhibition and live performance about the marvelous universe of sperm whales

DEEP is a tribute to the fascinating sperm whale that constantly challenges scientists with its movements in the depths of the oceans.

Live performance

In February 2023 sound designer and musician, Thomas Richard Christensen, and the Italian visual artist, Cosimo Miorelli, performed the first part of the project, a live-performance, at Svendborg Create Festival.

The live animation - a visual narrative where the images change while Cosimo Miorelli draws in front of the audience, was accompanied live by the sound design and music that Thomas Richard composed.

The result is an uninterrupted flow of vividly painted scenes where figures emerge and transform continuously, while the music breathes life into the brushwork and generates a strong emotional impact.

Multi User VR Exhibition

Phase 2 of the project will be a test of a multi user VR Exhibition in collaboration with Peter Teglberg Madsen, professor of sensory physiology, department of Biology at Aarhus University.

The virtual multiuser exhibition focuses on whales and how they use sound in a world of noise. In collaboration, we create a sensory-saturated total experience under the sea, where sound and image reinforce each other in a story that conveys why whales are so important to the ecosystem and what they mean to us humans.

Phenomenal Viborg are partners in this development project.