Research Programme for Transformative Entrepreneurship Education

As one of the only research programmes in Denmark and internationally, we study the didactics of innovation and entrepreneurship education across professions and traditions. 

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 From pedagogy and health to science and arts

Our research includes a wealth of professions, such as pedagogy, health and nutrition, social work, science and engineering, arts, creative- and business professions.

Our goal is to promote our students’ professional creativity and powers of imagination. Raffaele Brahe-Orlandi, Head of research programme

A partner in Green Ed Tech

We are one of four research partners in the ”GREEN transition of Education and educational Technology” project that runs from 2022-26. The project is funded by the Danish Innovation Fund.

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UN Sustainable Development goal number 4 logo

UN Sustainable Development Goal #4

We believe that entrepreneurship supports quality of education. As such, we help students become innovative professionals with a high degree of knowledge, coupled with a strong personal engagement and value based practice.

How we work

  • We follow three research tracks:

    • Entrepreneurial and innovative didactics within VIA’s educational programmes and courses
    • Entrepreneurial and innovative professional didactics and teaching practice in primary and lower secondary school and youth educations
    • Entrepreneurial and innovative marks on the various professional practices within VIA’s fields of education
  • Our aim is to help develop innovative and entrepreneurial professionals for public and private practice. We do so by inspiring and promoting VIA students’ capacity for value-creation and sustainable ways of solving challenges in the professions and society. This requires professional creativity and powers of imagination.

    Our research programme is particularly focused on the UN sustainable development goal #4: Quality in education. We share our knowledge nationally and internationally.

Our researchers 

Raffaele Orlandi
  • Raffaele Brahe-Orlandi

  • Ph.d. and Senior Associate Professor
  • T: 87 55 30 69
UC Viden profile
Randi Boelskifte Skovhus.
  • Randi Boelskifte Skovhus

  • Associate professor, PhD
  • T: +45 87 55 19 81
  • Expertise: Career guidance, career education, career learning, horizons for action, social justice, critical analysis
UC Viden profile
Birgitte Greve Madsen.
  • Birgitte Greve Madsen

  • Associate Professor
  • T: +45 87 55 30 73
  • Expertise: Research in primary school and teacher education, didactics, creativity, aesthetic learning processes
UC Viden profile
Henrik Wøhlk Larsen.
  • Henrik Wøhlk Larsen

  • Senior Associate Professor
  • T: +45 22 37 15 75
  • Expertise: Creativity Training and Test, PISA-test in “Creative Thinking”, Designthinking, Surveys, Circular economy, Entrepreneurship-education, MakerLab/FabLab, Digital Design, Education design/didactics, Philosophy & Ideation.
UC Viden profile
Majken Svane Hansen.
  • Majken Svane Hansen

  • Associate Professor
  • T: +45 87 55 35 88
  • Expertise: Creativity, Playful Learning, Media Science
UC Viden profile
Thomas Rytter Jensen.
  • Thomas Rytter

  • Assistant Professor
  • T: +45 61 60 78 61
  • Expertise: didactics, craftsmanship, creativity and innovation
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