Research programme for Didactics of Transformative Entrepreneurship

Our research is preoccupied with the creation of knowledge about how, and on which conditions, teaching and guidance at VIA’s educations may promote entrepreneurship and entrepreneurial ways of acting, thinking and being. The programme’s research work is based on both theoretical and empirical approaches to research.  

About the research

The programme focuses on the education and development of innovative and entrepreneurial profession practicians. The overall goal and vision is to promote VIA students’ capacity for making innovative and/or entrepreneurial, value-creating, and responsible stamps on their professions, society, and surrounding world by way of professional creativity, powers of imagination, and enterprise. 

The programme is preoccupied with VIA’s overall strategic goal on the creation of application-oriented research which contributes to leave a stamp on the surrounding world and to the underpinning of sustainable development – socially, financially, environmentally, and culturally. Moreover, the programme is particularly targeted at UN’s Global Goal 4 which is about quality in education. 


Research Areas: 

During the period between 2020 and 2023, the programme work will focus on the following three research tracks:

  • Research into entrepreneurial and innovative didactics within VIA’s educations and services 
  • Research into entrepreneurial and innovative professional didactics and teaching practice in primary and lower secondary school and the youth educations 
  • Research into entrepreneurial and innovative stamps within the framework of multifarious profession practices for which VIA provides education. 

Central Collaborative Partners

The programme’s staff has a wide national and international collaborative interface. In Denmark, the programme for instance collaborates with Aarhus University, Aalborg University, and University of Copenhagen. Internationally, the programme in particular collaborates with Chalmers University of Technology in Sweden.


Jeppe Kiel Christensen