Research programme for Social Innovation

The Social Innovation programme (SI) is focused on new ideas and practice that will create sustainable solutions as well as new ways of considering societal challenges at both national and international levels. 

About the research: 

The SI programme generates knowledge, challenges, opportunities, and solutions within professionals’ practice in their participation in or initiation of social innovation. The programme investigates and experiments with the development of competences that are central to the professionals in their work with social innovation.

The objective is to promote conditions of life for humans, sustainable social development, and opportunities for active participation in society and own life. Hence, the obtainment of a strengthened multifarious, existentially meaningful, and value-creating democratic participation for as many as possible will entail the programme’s reflexive work with the relationship between the philosophy of man and SI.


Research areas: 

The research focus relative to the programme’s composition of researchers is particularly concentrated on:

  • Co-creation between public institutions, the private sector, and civil society
  • Welfare professionals’ opportunities and conditions for co-creation
  • Social innovation understood in a historical and Danish professional context
  • Social entrepreneurship and young people
  • Professional education, comprising sustainable education
  • Culture and degrowth in alternative social structures in Denmark 
  • Resilience in a socio-organic perspective
  • Scientific theoretical positions and methodological approaches within SI.
Jeppe Kiel Christensen