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Supply Engineering




Passing grades for all Semester 1-4 courses
Completed engineering internship (Semester 5)

Main purpose

The main purpose of this 6th semester course is to prepare the student for their bachelor project – which will be carried out during the final semester.
Preparation includes selecting the subject, choosing a project group. Finding a supervisor and external partner, analyzing the subject, defending the project by oral presentation and writing a Project Description according to VIA Engineering Guidelines.
The project group must consist of 2-6 students and should be carried out in association with an external partner.


At the successful completion of the course, students will be able to:
  • Recognize forms of bias
  • Distinguish between primary and secondary research


At the successful completion of the course, students will be able to:
  • Identify a good project topic in a systematic way
  • Create and execute search strategies to find relevant literature
  • Construct an experimental design for the coming project
  • Preparation and delivery of oral presentations
  • Write a Project Description following the VIA Engineering guidelines including the following parts: 1. Background description, 2. Definition of purpose, 3. Problem statement, 4. Delimitation, 5. Choice of models and methods (experimental design), 6. Time schedule, 7. Risk assessment and 8. Sources of information (reference list).


At the successful completion of the course, students will be able to:
  • Communicate with an external partner
  • Extract the essence of a project and defend this clearly through oral presentation
  • Make effective use of feedback/feedforward from a supervisor
  • Work together in the project group as a team


Teaching methods and study activities

Independent work in groups of 2-6 preparing the Project Description
Individual work doing assignments, seeing videos and reading material
Occasional lectures by the teacher
Student Activity Model
According to the Study Activity Model, the workload is divided as follows:
Category 1: Initiated by the lecturer with the participation of lecturer and students:
Lectures, information meetings
28 hours – 20%
Category 2: Initiated by lecturer with participation of students:
Assignments, videos and written material
28 hours – 20 %
Category 3: Initiated by students with participation of students:
Preparation of Project Description
Preparation of Oral presentation
55 hours – 40 %
Category 4: Initiated by students with the participation of lecturer and students:
28 hours – 20%


Literature databases such as Web of Science, ProQuest and Scopus
VIA, 2018. Semester & Bachelor Projects, VIA Engineering Guidelines, Appendix 1: Project Description.
Previous bachelor reports




The course is evaluated based on:

• 3 written individual course assignment
• 1 written group assignment – The Project Description
• Oral group presentation and defense of the Project Description

Re-submission of a revised Project Description

Grading criteria

 Grading based on the Danish 7-point scale.
Each student will receive individual an grade based on:
• Project Description – 60%
• Oral presentation/defense – 20%
• Monographs – 20%

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Merete Thorhauge Lindholm

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