Outdoor Pedagogy 

We are dedicated to research, education and development projects concerning institutionalized outdoor activities.

How we work

We work with outdoor schools, nature kindergartens, and daycare institutions to develop knowledge about children and young people and their activities outdoors. We cooperate with municipalities, national authorities, and international research colleagues, to lead and participate in development and research projects.

Research areas

Our research areas include:

  • The use of nature among 0-6-year-old children, e.g. in Kindergartens
  • Teaching and learning outside the classroom during the school day (udeskole)
  • Sustainability perspectives in outdoor activities.


Karen Seierøe Barfod
  • Karen Seierøe Barfod

  • Head of Research, PhD and Associate Professor
  • T: +45 51 76 99 11
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Mads Bølling
  • Mads Bølling

  • Assistant Professor, PhD
  • T: +45 91 16 73 38
  • Expertise: Education outside the classroom, surveys, and quantitative research.

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Niels Ejbye-Ernst
  • Niels Ejbye-Ernst

  • Associate professor, Ph.d.
  • T: +45 87 55 35 90
  • Expertise: Nature kindergartens, 0-6 years children outside, pedagogical work in green surroundings
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