All of VIA works toward the Sustainable Development Goals

We educate and research in sustainable solutions that help create a better future.

From the principles in our strategy to the education in each classroom. From new innovative research to more thoughtful use of plastic and paper in our canteens.

We strive to give our students the best tools to help reach UN's Sustainable Development Goals in 2030.

Here you can dive into articles about how we at VIA try to do our part in fighting climate change, hunger and social inequality, and how we help build sustainable communities with clean water, secure quality education for everyone and ensure healthy lives.

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Sign from Aarhus saying 'The Same for Everyone'

UN's 17 SDG and Co-Creation summer school

Unfold the sustainable development goals through student participation in a cross-cultural and -educational context.

We are banking heavily on the UN's SDG

All of VIA's 20.000 students will experience an emphasis on circular thinking, sustainability and UN's Sustainable Development Goals. Read about that and more here.

Picture of people working on a polar bear sculpture.

Building a polar bear in the name of social sustainability

The polar bear raises awareness on the strengths of vulnerable and disadvantaged people in Greenland.

Picture of builders working on a roof.

Finding sustainable solutions in construction

Construction students develop solutions for future sustainability challenges.

Picture of boxes with SDG on them.

Sustainability is the new youth revolution

The new generation of students wants their future workplace to focus on sustainability, shows VIA's Business Analysis. Read more in the article here.

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