Information about covid-19 

Information for students, staff and guests at VIA on VIA's management of covid-19.

Latest update 22 November 2022

No covid-19 restrictions in Denmark 

There are currently no covid-19 restrictions in place in Denmark. This means that things are back to normal, including teaching, exams and social events, and face masks, corona passports etc. are no longer required. 

We recommend that you stay updated by visiting the official site on coronavirus from the Danish authorities

Below, you can find information on general preventative measures in Denmark and at VIA, what to do if you test positive, travelling to Denmark and exams 

 Covid-19 management

  • We have to get used to the everyday lives we had before, and for some, this can feel a bit unsafe – especially if you come from a country with a more restrictive approach to controlling the pandemic.

    Therefore, VIA recommends that all students and staff exercise good covid-habits when going to campus:

    • Stay home if you are feeling ill – this includes “just having a cold”
    • Focus on hygiene, ventilation and sanitation
    • Follow authority guidelines if you have covid-19 symptoms, see them at
    • VIA’s locations will be cleaned at the level from before the pandemic. Paper and sanitizer are available through out campuses. Please clean surfaces before leaving a room.
  • As covid-19 is no longer considered a critical illness, you should act as you otherwise would if you are sick and not able to go to class. This means that you should notify the people you usually do when you are sick.

    International students may contact Global Engagement at all weekdays with acute inquiries.

    Symptoms of covid-19

    If you experience symptoms of covid-19 it is important that you stay at home.

    Symptoms of covid-19 are:

    • Fever
    • Dry cough
    • Sore throat
    • Headache
    • Muscle pain
    • Breathing difficulties

    Danish authorities no longer recommends testing if you have symptoms. Learn more here.


  • If you have been in contact with someone who has Covid-19, there is a risk that the virus has been transmitted to you. Read more about when you are considered a close contact or secondary contact - and what to if you are - at the Danish Health Auhority's website.

    Recommendations change all the time, so make sure to always check authority website for the latest news.

  • Danish authorities recommends getting tested only if there is a specific health related reason to do so - e.g. people over the age of 65, being pregnant or otherwise at risk of getting seriously ill from a covid-19 infection.

    Go to the official authority website to get more information on how to get tested whether you have a Danish CPR number or not.

    In Denmark, COVID-19 testing is free of charge.

    If you test positive, you must follow authority guidelines, inform VIA and self-isolate. Find authority guidelines here.

  • Official authority website for current entry to Denmark rules.

    There are currently no restrictions into Denmark.

    Guidelines change all the time - make sure to check the official authority websites before booking your ticket and leaving for Denmark. It is your responsibility as a student to stay up to date with current restrictions.



If you are a student, please contact your study programme.

International students may contact Global Engagement via e-mail

For other inquiries, we encourage using the common authority hotline at +45 7020 0233.