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VIA Faculty of Continuing Education

VIA Faculty of Continuing Education offers skills development, adult learning as well as development projects. We train professionals for private companies and public organisations.

About the faculty

  • Profile

    VIA University College is one of the largest provider of continuing education in Scandinavia and is a central further education partner with more than 20,000 course participants annually.

    Education that boosts employee skills

    With a VIA continuing and further educational programme, our students are equipped to solve new challenges so they can create more value for the organisation, themselves, their customers and their employers from day one.

    Our many educational programmes and courses contain the relevant combination of research-based insights and concrete practical experience. In this way, we ensure that employees get exactly that boost to skills lift that matches their own and the business’s needs – a skills boost that contributes to increased flexibility, efficiency and development-oriented problem solving in the workplace.

    We offer courses, conferences, tailor-made business procedures and more than 30 specialised, qualifying courses. VIA’s size and professional volume means that we have the most skilled and experienced teachers within almost every field of expertise, including education, health and public administration, management and project management as well as within business-oriented areas such as design, construction and engineering. Moreover, we implement and apply the latest research and development in close collaboration with private and public partners.

    Tailor-made procedures that future-proof organisations

    We collaborate with both private and public businesses in relation to the education and skill development of entire employee groups. We ensure that everyone gets a skills boost that matches their individual needs – all while the business’s strategic goals permeate the entire course.

    VIA also enters into the continuous work with organisational and business development of the businesses. For instance, our consultants facilitate innovation processes with a focus on the development of brand new concepts or products – or dive right into the engine room, contributing to the implementation of new methods and workflows within the organisation.

  • Facts

    We offer continuing education, courses, conferences and tailor-made programmes plus advisory services about skill development and organisational development.
    VIA Faculty of Continuing Education offers:
    • Continuing education
    • Courses, conferences and seminars
    • Projects and development activities
    • Consultancy on organisational development 

    We offer 36 diploma programmes and eight associate profession programmes in Danish. 

    Key figures 

    • Employees 175 
    • Full-time students: 1.811 
    • Students plus course-takers: 19,533 


    Dean of VIA Faculty of Continuing Education
    Louise Gade
    E: loug@via.dk
    T: +45 87 55 00 00

  • Research and development

    We develop and share knowledge.

    We develop and share new knowledge with companies, institutions and public authorities in Denmark and abroad. 

    About 90% of our employees have research experience and we run a number of PhD projects, ensuring that our students get the most up-to-date knowledge. 

    We have the following center of applied research and development:

    Project Support Office 

    The project support office provides professional support to identify, apply for and participate in externally funded research and development projects. 

    We assist the faculty with Erasmus+ and Horizon 2020 among others. 

    The unit helps to strengthen the quantity and quality of VIA's research at a national and international level. 


    Director of Research and Development
    Helle Munkholm Davidsen 
    T: +45 87 55 29 67
    E: hmda@via.dk 

    Read more about VIA's research.

  • Academic partnerships

    We cooperate with international universities and companies on projects and staff exchange. 

    Our international partnerships strengthen the professional skill development at VIA and in our region. 

    We encourage faculty and staff to take professorships, study visits or ”job-shadowing” at foreign partner institutions. 

    International cooperation projects 

    We work closely with international partners, primarily in Europe, on projects within lifelong learning, evaluation and recognition of skills as well as e-learning and media. 

    We have regular exchanges with Ontario, Canada, to strengthen and develop our academic environment within primary school development. 

    We have a public/private partnership with Iris Connect, England, to strengthen our professional development in Denmark with the help of video-based observation methods. 

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  • Consultancy services

    With several years of experience, VIA University College’s Faculty of Continuing Education acts as an external skills partner and adviser for private businesses as well as public organisations.

    Education and skills partner

    With our in-depth knowledge of the business and the specific industry, we provide continuous targeted advice and brainstorming regarding the development of skills within employee groups – and always in close dialogue during the entire process. Together, we clarify and match needs and expectations so we can design a course that perfectly suits the time, which the business can allocate, and the specific needs of the participants.

    Organisational development

    In order to meet the growing demands of the outside world in relation to, for example, the changing conditions of competition, increasing digitalisation, new societal structures and the demand for new products, businesses and organisations are constantly developing. VIA steps in to a wide range of development processes in order to help businesses drive their organisation in the right direction and create sustainable changes.

    Innovation and business development

    Business development occurs on the basis of new innovative ideas and their realisation. We help businesses think innovatively, ensuring that new ideas are translated into business-related results. Our experienced consultants help bring new innovative ideas into play, implementing and executing as well as evaluating impact and return.

  • Contact

    You are always welcome to contact us.

    VIA Faculty of Continuing Education
    Hedeager 2
    DK – 8200 Aarhus N
    T: +45 87 55 19 00
    E: evu@via.dk 

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    Dean of VIA Faculty of Continuing Education
    Louise Gade
    T: +45 87 55 00 00
    E: loug@via.dk 

    Head of Administrations
    Mette K. Østergaard
    T: +45 87 55 18 29 
    E: meki@via.dk 

    Director of Research and Development
    Helle Munkholm Davidsen 
    T: +45 87 55 29 67
    E: hmda@via.dk