The Innovation Award Concludes After 11 Fulfilling Years

VIA University College is thrilled to have celebrated the emergence of young talent over the course of 11 remarkable years. We take particular pride in having played a role in kick-starting numerous startup journeys, some of which remained brief while others evolved into ambitious scale-up endeavors.

The inception of the Innovation Award coincided with the establishment of Research Day, where VIA University College sought to set itself apart from traditional universities by placing a stronger emphasis on students.

"Innovation stands as a vital tool for today's students, given the rapidly changing pace of our society and the constant demand for fresh solutions to familiar challenges," remarked Rene Dybdal, the founder of the Innovation Award.

Among the noteworthy projects that secured 1st place, along with DKK 50,000 and enrollment in a springboard course facilitated by Connect Denmark, was SIRÉNE OOONO, previously known as CEDI by OOONO. Following this success, the team was awarded 2 Innoboosters from the Innovation Fund, enabling them to create prototypes, conduct thorough concept testing, and ultimately launch their product into the market.

In the words of Camilla Dalsgaard Sonne, Co-founder and owner of SIRÉNE OOONO "It has meant the world to us as a small start-up to be part of the Innovation Award. Sharing our idea and receiving invaluable guidance from the judges was instrumental in our journey. Winning 1st place and receiving DKK 50,000 allowed us to acquire crucial components, setting the stage for the development of our bespoke hardware."

We extend our heartfelt appreciation to our partners at Connect Denmark and Pitcherific, who have been instrumental in offering invaluable guidance on business models and pitching. All students have acquired competences, insights, and tools that they will be able to apply in a multitude of future projects. Equally, our profound gratitude goes out to all the ambassadors who have participated as judges, served on the professional jury, and presented over the years, contributing significantly to the elevation of the competition's quality.

The team behind the Innovation Award is thankful for the generous support received from knowledge institutions throughout the country and the foundation for entrepreneurship.

The journey embarked upon by the team behind the Innovation Award has been truly exhilarating, affording us the opportunity to connect with a wealth of exciting projects and ideas.

Now, the time has come to create value and opportunities for students through other initiatives that align with the principles of sustainability, innovation, and entrepreneurship.

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