Coronavirus COVID-19

VIA has set a coronavirus task force to respond to the global health emergency.
VIA is monitoring the global outbreak of coronavirus COVID-19 closely to ensure the health and safety of all students and staff in Denmark and abroad.

In January, a task force with focus on the current health emergency was established at VIA and we are closely monitoring and responding to the latest advice from government and health authorities.

We recommend that students and staff at VIA follow medical advice from the Ministry of Health and travel guidelines from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, i.e. cancelling travel to countries that the Ministry of Foreign Affairs advise against, while completing planned travel to other regions. Likewise, VIA follows authority guidelines with regards to quarantine. We continue to adjust our response as necessary and operations continue as normal until further notice.

Danish authorities' official website on coronavirus

VIA's information on coronavirus for students, employees, guests and partners.

Please contact Global Engagement with any questions: