Art for the body

A girl with ballons
Heidi Margrethe Kristiansen's balloon creation goes from dirty to lace and white. Creating the "balloon dress" has been a fantastic process.
The creativity was given free rein when 52 BA-students from VIA Teko Design & Business, VIA University College, unfolded their creative urge in the project: "Creative Form". The project lasts for five weeks on the 3rd year of the course.

The students have had the possibility to develop their sense of shape when working with sculptures. The inspiration has been the world of art. Here material, shape, colours and structure must become a whole. 

The finished creations will be shown on a body, but not necessarily as apparel to be used. 

From waste to castle 

Heidi Margrethe Kristiansen, who was one of the participants, was inspired by a sculpture made from waste. During the course the students have been working with many different materials to examine what fur and linoleum can be used for apart from apparel and flooring. 

"You may say that the process has been from waste to castle. I was inspired by a sculpture made from waste. The process was funny and fantastic. We have been working with many different materials, for instance fur and linoleum. I ended up using balloons. The lowest are dirty while the upper ones are completely clean and decorated with lace," Heidi Margrethe Kristian-sen says.