Businesses are crazy about VIA’s students

70 businesses met 500 motivated Danish and international students to Company Dating in Horsens. Photo: Archive
Company Dating is a forum where businesses and students get the opportunity to meet.

On Wednesday, the 5th of October, 70 businesses participated in a Company Dating event, at VIA Campus Horsens, where they met 500 motivated Danish and international students.

Company Dating is a forum where businesses and students get the opportunity to meet, create networks and see each other face-to-face. The goal for businesses is to identify qualified candidates for internships, student jobs and full-time jobs.

It is the Career Service Centre at VIA Campus Horsens that organizes Company Dating events. They have seen a growing interest among local, regional and national companies to participate.

Many businesses have discovered talented interns, student workers and graduates at VIA in Horsens, where a rich diversity of disciplines and nationalities is represented.

Well-prepared and enthusiastic

Businesses of all sizes and from all industries come to Company Dating, reflecting the labour market, of which the students will become a part. And it provides the students with a good opportunity for getting an idea of what kind of business it is that they want to work in.

But getting a foot in the door of a business demands that students are aware of what they can offer, that they have well-written CV and that they are prepared for meeting the businesses, emphasizes Michelle Ros, a consultant at VIA Business Career Service Centre: ”One of the success criteria for Company Dating is that students are well-prepared for meeting the businesses. It makes a difference to businesses that they meet well-prepared students who come with a strong academic background and a desire and willingness to engage”.

Arkitema  Architects want long-term relationships

One of the businesses that has successfully participated in Company Dating several times is Arkitema Architects, which with 450 employees in offices in Aarhus, Copenhagen, Oslo, Stockholm and Malmö is one of Scandinavia’s biggest architectural companies.

”We get great value out of seeing and being seen at Company Dating. This is where we meet many of our upcoming Danish and international interns. Typically, we take five to seven building construction students on internships each semester, and we have good experience with recruiting them from here in Horsens,” says intern coordinator in Arkitema, Dorthe Møberg Gammelgaard and continues:

”In our college programme, which we have been running for many years parallel to the internships, we broaden the construction profession for the interns and help them find their niche. And we bet on long-term relationships – many of our interns continue with us subsequently in student jobs and we have employed several of them in full-time jobs after they have completed their educational programme”.

Partnership provides visibility

Arkitema Architects is one of the businesses that has signed a partnership agreement with the Career Service Centre. Partnership agreements are aimed at businesses who want to increase their visibility to and strengthen their cooperation with students from VIA University College’s vocational training.


If you have any questions regarding Company Dating or a partnership agreement, please do not hesitate to contact our consultant at VIA Business Career Service Centre:

Michelle Ros
T: +45 8755 4018


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