Company Dating matches companies and students

Students and companies are company-dating
Wednesday 2 April, 25 companies/organisations and 300 students met for Company Dating at VIA Campus Horsens.

The Career Service Centre is behind Company Dating, where the purpose of the event is to create a forum where companies and students can meet in person, have a dialogue and network. 

The companies participating in Company Dating must bring with them one or more available positions for work placements, student jobs, projects or regular jobs. The students however will bring their updated CV. 

To help them improve on their abilities to express their competences in words, the students have had the opportunity to attend a seminar with Business Denmark. Among other things, the students were trained in how to sell themselves to a company using a few but precise words. 

First English-speaking intern 

Horsens Vand was one of the companies participating at Company Dating. Their first participation was in the autumn of 2013. Here, they met with Jose Chambo – a Civil Engineering student – who since 1 February has been an intern at the company: 

“We are a new organisation, and we have never hired an English-speaking employee before. It has however worked out really well with Jose, who has strong competences which we could benefit from, and who just ‘goes at it’ with his head high, Project Manager, Ove S. Nielsen, explains and continues: 

”A work placement period is a great way to assess each other, and a great basis for a possible employment after words if the match is there. As such, we also expect a lot of our interns so they have a chance to show what they are capable of”. 

A good experience 

Laura Gil, Civil Engineering student from Spain, hoped to meet her future work placement company at Company Dating: 

”I would like to do my work placement period at a large company that for example works with building and designing passive houses. It could also be a company that works with the utilization of solar and wind energy,” Laura explains and adds: 

”It was a great experience for me to meet the various companies. It helped me practice how to sell myself to a company, which competences to focus on to make a difference and how to make a good impression”. 

Tailored project

Maj Britt Borchet from SB Butiksservice participated in Company Dating with a project proposal specifically tailored for a future intern. SB Butiksservice works with allocating assignments within building markets and was looking for a German-speaking intern: 

“We are interested in an intern that can help us make a list of potential clients in Germany. But the intern will also have an active role in the sales process up until landing the deal”, Maj Britt promises and continues: 

“It will be our job to give the intern some practical experience. At the same time, we hope that we can also learn something from having an intern. We are indeed focusing on getting an intern with a different set of skills that what we already know of”. 

Photo for the CV 

As something new, the Career Service Centre had made it possible for the students to have their portrait photo taken before Company Dating. A portrait photo which the students could use for their CV or LinkedIn profile. 

This was a great success. The students rallied around the photographer, and he repaid them with some very nice and professional pictures. 


If you have any questions related to Company Dating, please feel free to contact our consultant at the Career Service Centre, Louise Skjoldager Sørensen
T: (+45) 8755 4015

Company Dating will once again take place in October 2014

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