Company Dating matches companies and students

Students and companies are company-dating
Wednesday 23rd of November, 25 companies/organisations and 250 students met at the Company Dating event on Campus Horsens.

“The physical meeting is an essential part of the success, which we have experienced with Company Dating,” Michelle Ros from the Career Service Centre explains: 

“Therefore, it is an event which we prioritize to arrange twice a year”. 

The companies who participate in Company Dating must bring with them one or more offers in terms of work placements, student jobs, temporary positions or regular jobs. In return, the students will bring an updated CV. 

”In the period leading up to Company Dating, we arrange several small seminars for the students, where they receive help and tips on how to make a CV or potential applications. It is important that the students make an impression on the companies, and it is therefore also important that they are fully prepared,” Michelle Ros explains. 

Great experiences with students on work placement 

MillWatcher Aps was one of the companies attending Company Dating. They have had great experiences with VIA’s students on work placement and were therefore looking for a new candidate: 

“We have previously benefitted from students on work placement from VIA. Recently, we had an international student on work placement, who did not speak any Danish. But this was actually not a problem, as she was very motivated and speaking English was therefore not an issue,” Communication and Sales Consultant, Helene Steffensen, explains. 

MillWatcher is very aware of being noticeable to the students, as they have been pleased with the students who have been affiliated with the company either on work placement or as temporary employees who ended up with a permanent position at the company. 

A great way to make contacts 

Bulgarian 3rd semester student, Martina Mitseva, from the International Sales and Marketing Management programme also saw the event as a way to make herself noticeable to the companies: 

”Company Dating is a great way to meet different companies, make contacts and distribute my CV. I am going on work placement this January, so I hope to find a company for this at the event”. 

”I try to be as active as possible and show the companies that if they pick me, they will get a very motivated student,” Martina concludes. 

Voluntary work is an investment 

Latvian 3rd semester student, Karina Armanda, from the Architectural Technology and Construction Management programme was looking for a company, who could help her achieve practical experience: 

”My work placement period is not until the 6th semester, but I am here to find a company where I can do some work as a volunteer. It does not bother me to work for free, as I see it as an investment in my future. I deliver some manpower and receive experience in return”. 

Karina dreams of working on 0-energi houses, sustainable building and green architecture. She established a promising contact with a company during Company Dating, and now she hopes that it will turn into a collaboration. 


If you have any questions related to Company Dating, please contact consultant, Michelle Ros, from the Career Service Centre
T: +45 8755 4018