Crowdsourcing connects world of work with world of knowledge

Graphic drawing of the concept crowdsourcing
VIA University College launches first ongoing crowdsourcing community connecting private and public organizations with thousands of students, educators and researchers.

VIA University College has now launched VIA Connect, a crowdsourcing community bridging higher education, research and innovation. The community will connect private and public organizations – including leading global brands and local governments – with thousands of researchers, educators and students, who will provide ideas and innovations tailored to their organizations. Specifically, organizations will be invited to share challenges in the community, and community members will address them by connecting, collaborating and innovating online at 

“Crowdsourcing is disrupting business models and entire industries,” said Chief Consultant Flemming Binderup Gammelgaard, who directs the project for VIA University College and is Co-Founder & Chairman of the Danish Crowdsourcing Association. “With VIA Connect, VIA University College will become the first institution of higher education and research to develop its own crowdsourcing solution as a long-term commitment to driving collaborative innovation together with partners from across the private and public sectors.” 

Strong partnership

To build VIA Connect, VIA partnered with Chaordix, a global crowdsourcing leader that has worked with clients like P&G, IBM, USAID and LEGO. Chaordix provides an enterprise technology platform and applications – combining crowdsourcing processes with social sciences practices –and has helped realize the vision for VIA Connect as a major new innovation driver. 

“Everything about VIA Connect is forward thinking,” said Shelley Kuipers, Founder and CEO of Chaordix. "We think VIA Connect will ultimately prove to be a major milestone in how crowdsourcing is deployed to connect academic, corporate and public stakeholders in pursuit of innovation.” 

Concurrently with the community launch, VIA University College will be delivering an educational programme to give students a working knowledge of the collaborative strategies, practices and tools that are powering new forms of production and value creation, equipping them with the skills required to succeed in a globally connected world. 

For more information on how to join or become a partner go to or contact us at

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