Danish designer honoured by Italian Vogue

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Heidi Paula Langvad is the Danish designer behind the new brand of same name "Heidi Paula Langvad".

Italian Vogue's online platform Muuse.com has honoured her as the greatest design talent for her BA collection "DARK GLOW" 

Heidi Paula is a graduate from VIA UC/TEKO Design+Business, where she studied from January 2008 until December 2011. 

The story of Heidi Paula Langvad 

Her career started at TEKO Design+Business in January 2008. During her years of studies her style changed very much. But she enjoyed every minute of it and she was so ready to show everybody – including herself – who she was and what her ideas were. 

She participated in Nordic Final in the Triumph Inspiration Award Nord in 2011. And she was chosen to show her final collection at the town hall during the Copenhagen International Fashion Week in February 2012. And now she has won the Muuse/Vogue competition. 

Heidi Paula Langvad– the Brand 

"The Heidi Paula Langvad brand does not seek a certain touch, but rather an identity in between the completely fragile and the raw, the contrasts in between the unpolished and the perfect." "My purpose is to give the "Heidi Paula Langvad" brand an international profile. But I also want to preserve some old values which I emphasize in the collections," says Heidi Paula. 

It is possible for you to buy Heidi's designs at www.muuse.com.