”Danish employees look so happy”

Professor Lily Chu from Shanghai Institute of Health Sciences
Professor Lily Chu from Shanghai Institute of Health Sciences tries the “eating assistant” used at the nursing home “OK-Centret Egaa” in Aarhus. She was a part of a Chinese delegation visiting VIA University College in February.
In February, a delegation from the Chinese eldercare sector visited Denmark. Of everything they experienced, the happiness of employees at an eldercare home in Aarhus impressed them the most.

“The employees here look so happy. They look like they really enjoy working here,” said Lily Chu, lecturer at Shanghai Institute of Health Sciences (SIHS) as she visited a public-private eldercare home in Aarhus. 

Despite the fact that the Shanghai Institute is among the best schools of nursing in China, Lily Chu is so far the only lecturer specialized in eldercare. This is one of the reasons, SIHS recently signed a partnership agreement with VIA University College to collaborate on educating Chinese students in eldercare – drawing on VIA’s strong expertise in this area. 

“We are so excited to work with VIA University College. What we’ve seen here in Denmark is very impressing – both in terms of the use of technology, the welfare of elderly citizens, nursing education, and most importantly the level of skills and satisfaction of employees here,” said Lily Chu. 

Desperate need for employees

China is in dire need of skilled employees for the eldercare sector. The size of the elder population is growing rapidly, and the traditional culture of children taking care of their elderly parents, is disappearing. 

This makes space for private companies like Pinetree Senior Care Services, a company with 2.000 employees that provides homecare to 140.000 elderly people in Shanghai and Beijing. 

“We struggle to find skilled employees. Often, we have to train them on the job. Hopefully, the partnership between VIA and SIHS will boost the number of students and quality of education in China,” says Ninie Wang, CEO of Pinetree. 

Visit at VIA’s Aarhus campus

Apart from visiting several eldercare homes in Aarhus, the Chinese delegation toured VIA’s health campus in Aarhus, including a nursing skills lab, as well as a geriatric department at Aarhus University Hospital. 

Inger-Margrethe Jensen, Associate Dean at the Faculty of Health Sciences, VIA University College, says she is very excited about the new partnership with SIHS.

“Together, we can develop educational programmes that combine VIA’s strong knowledge of health and welfare education with specific Chinese culture and needs in terms of eldercare,” says Inger-Margrethe Jensen. 

Apart from developing training programmes, VIA and SIHS is establishing a joint development center in Shanghai to develop new knowledge on Chinese eldercare service. VIA University College has worked with Chinese partners since 2001 and is certified to deliver educational programmes in the country. 

For further information, please contact:

Inger-Margrethe Jensen, Associate Dean, Faculty of Health Sciences, VIA University College 

T: +45 8755 2959
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