Design and business is the new black

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VIA’s design and business education programmes at Teko are making progress and especially the design technologist programme has made a striking progress compared to last year.

“It is fantastic that we are experiencing an increasing interest for our educational programmes again. It confirms our anticipation that an increased number of opportunities to specialization within the design technologist programme has been correct,” says Anne Mette Zachariassen, director of the School for Creative Industries in VIA. 

857 have applied for courses in Herning. That is 10 % more than last year, where the number was 778 – a very fine progress. 

“The numbers are very satisfactory. The government has been focusing on the vocationally oriented courses, and it seems that the young people are also interested in courses targeted the job market. It is positive for the entire Region (Midtjylland) where focus is put on growth in the creative industries,” Anne Mette points out. 

Young people are crazy about fashion

It is not only young people from the local area who are applying for the courses. Several applicants are newcomers and are from both Funen and Zealand. In spite of intensification of the competition on the international education programmes, there is also a progress here. 

”Many young people are interested in education programmes within fashion and lifestyle, and we have a good reputation - also outside of Herning. We develop our education programmes constantly to match the industry's needs,” says Anne Mette and continues: 

“What we know from the Teko Analysis, where we interviewed 36 companies about challenges and opportunities in the business, is that the companies are looking for employees with knowhow. It signifies good job opportunities for our students who have more than just theoretical knowledge, Anne Mette emphasizes. 

VIA Teko Design & Business also offers an educational programme in Materials Science and Product Design. The course is in English and the deadline for application is July 5th. The final number of applicants for the BA in Design and Business will come later, but the numbers we have now show that there will also be an increase in the number of applicants here. 

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Anne Mette Zachariassen, Director, School for Creative Industries
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